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======== eBibleTeacher NEWS - MARCH 2002 =========

- Kim's Children's Sunday School Update
- New PowerPoint Backgrounds
- 3 New Sermon Images Pages
- New "Favorites" Page
- New "Events" Page
- Online Christian Bookstores
- Sermon Central PowerPoint Backgrounds

- KIM'S CHILDREN'S SUNDAY SCHOOL UPDATE - Kim has made a massive reorganization of her children's Sunday School material to make it even easier than ever to find just what you need. In addition, she has added a children's Sunday school worksheet on Ecclesiastes and lessons on "Solomon Builds The Temple" and "Solomon's End". Visit the new material at: children/ottoc.htm

- NEW POWERPOINT BACKGROUNDS - Our PowerPoint background pages continue to be some of our most visited sections. This month we add new original photo background images from Edd Sterchi. The new backgrounds include "Lake Mist", "Lake Reflection", "Lake in Fall", "Red Blue Clouds" as well as an unusual "Information" sign background for announcements. You can check out these images at: imagehtml/backgrnd4.html

- NEW SERMON IMAGES - For a long time we have been wanting to expand our photos specifically for using in sermons and teen devotionals. This month, we've added so many images that we had to break the sermon section up into three pages! We continue to feature the photos of Edd Sterchi. We have a "Sermons in One" page which are photos that tell a whole story in a single picture. We have a page of general useful images for illustrating sermons. We also have moved our motion images and motion PowerPoint image to one page. We think that you will like what you see! imagehtml/sermon.html

- OUR "FAVORITES" PAGE - We have been reviewing sites and software for some three years now. Last month we put out our first annual "Favorites" issue where we listed the websites and software that we thought was the best we have seen. We list the best sites for PowerPoint backgrounds, Bible lands photos, Free online Bible software, and teacher's resources. This includes both our favorite free and commercial sites and software. It is a great list. . . to see our picks, visit:: favorites.html

- EVENTS PAGE - There are thousands of teacher and preacher training seminars held each year but few tell you how to effectively use the new technology. We have established a web site where we list the upcoming seminars, workshops and conferences that help church leaders and teachers better use computers, the Internet and technology. I will be speaking all day at a Sunday School workshop at the Kingwood Heights Church of Christ on April 20th. My classes almost always have lots of technology information. See what is coming up at: calendar.html

- BUDGET CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORES - We didn't put it in our "Favorites" list last month but when we are looking for a good price in Christian books we go to "CBD Bookstore" or to "Scripture Truth Bookstore" We don't get anything for recommending these sites. We are just passing on the information. Visit them at: http://www.chrbook.com/ and http://www.scripturetruth.com These are sites that you should bookmark for future reference.

- SERMON CENTRAL POWERPOINT BACKGROUNDS- We have learned that SermonCentral has set up a new PowerPoints backgrounds service. For a monthly subscription fee they will provide you with new backgrounds each week for use in sermons. Check them out at: http://www.sermoncentral.com/. Again, we don't get anything for telling you about this . . . we are just passing on good information as it comes up.

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