Reviews of Mobile/PDA Resources for Christians

FREE PDA BIBLE SOFTWARE - This site is a place to get a free King James Bible for your Palm: Olive Tree Software They also have modern Bible versions available at reasonable prices.

e-SWORD - A Powerful and free Bible software product for Windows Pocket PC users and Windows Mobile PC (Sorry Palm users!).  It has nearly 50 texts for English users and about 25 foreign language versions.  Very, very powerful and full of features. e-Sword

PALM BIBLE SOFTWARE - A commercial site of Bible software that comes highly recommended is the Laridian site. I use their software and I have been greatly impressed with it's power and speed. Check them out at: Laridian Software

MORE PALM BIBLE SOFTWARE - Yet another commercial site of Bible software is the GMP SOFT site. They have Bibles, concordances and other items. Check them out at: GMP Soft

YET MORE PDA BIBLE SOFTWARE: We have been introduced to another PDA Bible software site. It is: PalmStudy Bible This new product has the interesting memorization feature.

FREE PALM DOCUMENTS - We have found a site with dozens of free religious documents including Bibles, commentaries and public domain Christian texts. It also has a variety of non-Christian texts including the Koran and eastern religion documents. There are also thousands of secular documents. You may have to install a special reader to view some of these documents. Visit the site at: MemoWare Palm Documents

70+ PALM BIBLE TEXTS- The text of over 70 Bibles including over 35 foreign language versions and Greek versions. These typically don't have the features of the Bibles listed above. You will generally need to download a special high speed text viewer: Bible Database The basic maps are free to download and get extra features for reasonable prices.


POWERPOINT FROM PALM - This isn't a religious site but it does provide software and hardware to allow you to plug your PDA into a video projector and display PowerPoint slides. We understand that the software doesn't support transitions but will do simple shows. Visit them at: The cost runs $100 to $200.

FREE MAP SOFTWARE - This isn't exactly religous software but it is of great use to preachers and other church workers. Jeremy Janssen sent me this tip for handy map software for the Palm that is sure to be of help. I use it and I think it is great!: The basic maps are free to download and get extra features for reasonable prices.

REMOTE CONTROL - Yet one more software product that you might find useful is software that turns your PDA into a remote control for infrared controlled devices such as TV sets. A Lot of Sony PDAs come with this software built-in but you can buy add-on software for other PDA's. Two items that will allow you to do this are Novii Remote from and OmniRemote from Both products were running about $25. Both devices allow learning from existing remote controls but NoviiRemote comes with some standard remotes built in. Be careful that most PDA's have weak InfraRed ports and I have seen some TV's that can only be controlled from 5 feet away! Even so, since many modern devices have features that can ONLY be activated by remote control then this software can be a lifesaver. For PC to TV users I have seen many TV's that can't be put into "video in" mode without a remote. Lose the remote and you are out of business. WARNING: This MIGHT be used to control your projector but no promises. The PDA will control some devices but not others. The good news is that both companies allow you to download trial versions to try out. This software might save you. Besides that, it sure is handy when you loose the remote at home!

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