Our Favorites

For several years we have been putting out monthly news recommending sites and tips and resources for Sunday School Teachers and Preachers who use the computer to teach. One of the fun things about running a site like this is that people are always sending us suggestions and things to try. We have visited hundreds of sites and tried loads of software. Here are our favorites. . . .

FAVORITE CHILDREN'S TEACHER SITE - eBibleTeacher's Sunday School expert Kim Dailey tells us that the best site on the web is www.mssscrafts.com. This site is a mega-index that pulls children's Sunday School material from all over the web.

FAVORITE FREE POWERPOINT BACKGROUNDS - Our favorite FREE PowerPoint backgrounds and templates are the ones at: www.HeartLight.org/PowerPoint. Similarly, you need to make sure that you visit their dozens of scripture backgrounds at: www.HeartLight.org/Gallery/.They are the BEST!

OUR FAVORITE COMMERCIAL POWERPOINT BACKGROUNDS - This is a hard pick. There are LOTS of great sites selling PowerPoint backgrounds. Our favorite is the "VideoScriptures" set available from Churchmedia.net at: www.video4worship.com. Our second favorite is Steve Dennie's material at: www.RandomPokes.com. For sermon specific backgrounds check out www.PowerPointSermons.com  If you want to see a lot of the contending sites for this award then visit our links page at: eBibleTeacher.com

- OUR FAVORITE HOLY LAND PHOTOS - You just can't get much better than the sets of photos available at: www.BiblePlaces.com/. They have literally thousands of high resolution images on CD's at reasonable prices.

- FAVORITE FREE BIBLE STUDY SITE - Without a doubt, our favorite free Bible Study site is the one at: www.SearchGodsWord.org/. This is another great resource put out by the folks at HeartLight. The site features over 20 free Bibles and over 35 other free Bible Study resources. You can even personalize your study set-up. Every few weeks they add even more material.

- FAVORITE GENERAL FREE SITE FOR CHILDREN'S TEACHERS - This site is not specifically for religious teaching but nevertheless it is a very useful site for those that teach children. It is a puzzle making site. Type in the keywords that you want to use and the site will make any of over a dozen puzzles for you to use in Bible Class. Check them out at: www.PuzzleMaker.com.

- FAVORITE FREE COOL THINGS TO DO IN CLASS - Only a few people are able to bring their computers to class to teach with a live Internet connection but if you do, there are some really cool sites to show to your class. 3D TABERNACLE Another favorite is Skip Park's virtual Tabernacle using VMRL. The Tabernacle allows you to visit the online Tabernacle scene as a scaled "avatar" as well as chat online. To view the 3D tabernacle you will need to download about a 5MB "Blaxxun" plug-in. Even if you don't want to do the download, you can visit the site to see the impressive screenshots. 3D VMRL Tabernacle CHILDREN'S BIBLE STUDY (Animated) Most Sunday School material is based on paper media. This site is devoted toward using animated computer graphics and the best thing is that it is free. Check them out at: www.childrensbiblestudy.com


ILLUMINA GOLD Without a doubt, the Ilumina Gold Bible software is the best educational tool we have ever seen for the computer. The gold edition not only features a lot of encyclopedia type features but also some 3D type views as well as a multitude of videoettes. There is almost too much to describe. If you plan to use this for your projector, make sure that you get the "Gold" version which has the extra multimedia features. Check them out at: www.Ilumina.com The Gold version runs about $100 last time that we checked. - FAVORITE WORSHIP SOFTWARE - Worship software is software designed to show song lyrics, sermon points and scriptures in worship. This is a tough category . . . there are a variety of good packages. I will list my top four. They are: SongShowPlus, www.SundayPlus.com, www.MediaShout.com and EasyWorship. If you want to see the rest then visit our comprehensive list at: eBibleTeacher Worship Software list.

- FAVORITE DISCUSSION GROUPS - ChurchMedia.net scores again by sponsoring our favorite discussion list for techies that need to ask questions about using technology in church. Visit them at: www.ChurchMedia.net/Community/

- FAVORITE PDA SOFTWARE FOR CHURCH WORKERS - Most of you know that we have been passing along the resources that we find for people that use palm type computers. We haven't found a lot of resources but our favorites are listed at: eBibleTeacher Palm Resources.

- FAVORITE CHURCH EQUIPMENT SOURCES - If your church is thinking of using video equipment then two companies come to mind. If you need a full service company with LOTS of experience with churches then our favorite company is: Fowler Inc.. If you feel like you know all the necessary technical details, then our favorite site for rock bottom prices is: www.TheProjectorPlace.com.

- FAVORITE CHILDREN'S SUNDAY SCHOOL E-NEWSLETTER - For the last couple of years, Christian Crafters has put out a free weekly newsletter for Children's Sunday School teachers. The newsletter collects ideas from Sunday School teachers from a wide range of religious groups and provides opportunities for readers to both submit ideas and ask questions. Although you may not agree with everything suggested I am sure that you will get some great ideas. Sign up at: www.ChristianCrafters.com.

- LEFT OUT? - Do you think we made a mistake? Do you think we left something out of this list? Is there something really great that we should have included? Send us an email and tell us what you think. Maybe we will add it in later!

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- SITE INTRO FOR NEW VISITORS - Before we tell you about everyone else's material, here is a quick rundown of what you get from eBibleTeacher.com . . . . For printable Children's Sunday School material complete with activities, songs, coloring pages, etc. visit Kim Dailey's children's Sunday School page. For free PowerPoint based sermons visit our PowerPoint sermon page. For free religious backgrounds and PowerPoint templates visit our backgrounds. For free photos of Bibleland places and things go to graphics. For our popular free Bible Atlas go to: Bible Maps (over 80,000 downloads!)
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