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Point of Power includes a broad collection of not only PowerPoint backgrounds but motion backgrounds, PowerPoint Sermons and PowerPoint Bible Studies. They even sell worship software, projectors and screens. A great site not only for PowerPoint users but anyone using a video projector in church.

CHURCHMEDIA.NET PAGE is a great resource. This site is a a terrific site for ideas, discussion groups, buying church oriented graphics material and for getting your technical questions answered. One of the best!

LORRAYCREATIVE.COM PAGE Some of the BEST powerpoint backgrounds and worship animations on the web. . . One of my favorites. Some great PowerPoint backgrounds and templates for sermons.

POWERPOINTSERMONS.COM has some of the best PowerPoint backgrounds for sermons that I have ever seen. Their graphics are set in themed groups specifically arranged for sermons although you could use them for song backgrounds also. They have a free sample. check them out at:

MEDIA4MINISTRY.COM PAGE PowerPoint backgrounds, video backgrounds and worship software.

PRAISEPIX.COM PAGE Yet more PowerPoint backgrounds . . . very nice!

WORSHIP PHOTOS.COM PAGE A good resource of great photos.

CHRISTIAN BACKGROUNDS.COM PAGE Another backgrounds page for churches.

UsingPowerPointinCHURCH A resource for just what the title says! An interesting site of 3D Backgounds.

CHRISTIAN POWERPOINTS PAGE Great graphics for PowerPoint users and worship song background images. A lot look great as Windows wallpaper.

POWERPOINTSERMONS.COM: The webmaster of this site is a skilled graphics artist and it really shows. This site allows you to sign up for Powerpoint tips mailings and this group will convert your sermons to PowerPoint for you.

BIBLE POINT The webmaster of BiblePoint is a graphics artist that has been applying his skills to making PowerPoint sermon and Sunday School material. You can buy premade PowerPoint Bible material here.

POWERBACK POWERPOINT BACKGROUNDS Although this site isn't specific to churches it does have over 3,000 downloadable backgrounds to chose from which makes it one of the largest background download sites on the web. Check their website out at: Their prices are among the most reasonable I have found on the web. They also feature five free samples each week on their website so visit often.

CHURCH POWERPOINT Great selection of free images at

VISUAL WORSHIP.COM Great graphics and backgrounds for PowerPoint and worship software.

VIRTUAL STAINED GLASS.COM More great graphics and backgrounds for PowerPoint and worship software.

Snapistry Even more great graphics and backgrounds for PowerPoint and worship software.

WORSHIP GRAPHICS.COM Even more great graphics and backgrounds for PowerPoint and worship software.

CROSSDAILY.COM An awesome site that has not only loads of PowerPoint and worship software backgrounds but also animated flash art. You have to visit this site!

GRAPHICS4CHRIST.COM More great powerpoint backgrounds.

LUMICON.ORG Worship images, backgrounds and videos provided weekly on a subscription basis. Cost runs from a few hundred dollars per year to a couple of thousand based on what you contract for. Very well done graphics.

GOODSALT.COM Lots of great graphics. Unlike most sites that are simply a set of edited photos and textures, GoodSalt is original artwork by a talented artist. You will be impressed!

AWESOMEBACKGROUNDS.COM Lots of great graphics. This site has over 600 backgrounds but note that only a few dozen are religious. Be sure to check out non-religious sections like "business-stress".

ORIGINAL PHOTOS - We have come accross another great site of over 800 original photos including a variety of religious photos. Check them out at: Jerry Sordorf's Images.

RANDOMPOKES.COM Absolutely some of the most original PowerPoint backgrounds for churches that we have ever seen.

HEARTLIGHT.ORG POWERPOINT Heartlight makes some of the best images on the web and they are all free. You only have to abide by their acknowledgement rules. PowerPoint

DOUG BARWELL'S PHOTOS Doug makes his original photos available for use as background images or prints. He also sells premade PowerPoint slides of the most popular songs from CCLI.
Doug Barwell Photos

A nice site with some very creative, free backgrounds.

A powerPoint resource page that offers free backgrounds at

A new image resource site. Registration is free to churches and other Christian organizations, and users are invited to upload as well as download images. All images are fully indexed and the bank is searchable using keywords.



ILLUMINA GOLD Without a doubt, the Ilumina Gold Bible software is the best educational tool we have ever seen for the computer. The gold edition not only features a lot of encyclopedia type features but also some 3D type views as well as a multitude of videoettes. There is almost too much to describe. If you plan to use this for your projector, make sure that you get the "Gold" version which has the extra multimedia features. Check them out at: The Gold version runs about $100 last time that we checked.

SERMONSPICE.COM - My favorite feature of the site is the video illustrations that you can see complete previews of. Each month they give away a free downloadable video. One of my favorites is the one called "That's My King". Check them out at:

FREE 3D VIRTUAL TABERNACLE - Skip Park has developed his own virtual Tabernacle using VMRL. The Tabernacle allows you to visit the online Tabernacle scene as a scaled "avatar" as well as chat online. To view the 3D tabernacle you will need to download about a 5MB "Blaxxun" plug-in. Even if you don't want to do the download, you can visit the site to see the impressive screenshots.
3D VMRL Tabernacle

3D TABERNACLE This is our own 3D tabernacle site. Our 3D viewer is currently not working (Visit Skip Park's above) but we have LOTS of Tabernacle resources here.
3D Tabernacle

WESTERN WALL LIVE Visit a live camera view of the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) in Jerusalem. This is all that remains of the Holy Temple. This site is sponsored by a the Jewish organization AISH.
AISH Western Wall

CHILDREN'S BIBLE STUDY (Animated) Most Sunday School material is based on paper media. This site is devoted toward using animated computer graphics and the best thing is that it is free. Check them out at:

SUNDAY SOFTWARE This company has several CDROM's for sale that offer 3D images and virtual Bible Tours.
Sunday Software

ONLINE AUDIO SERMONS A good example of online audio sermons. Visit the site and click on their online audio sermons page link.
Twickenham Audio Sermons

ONLINE VIDEO A good example of online VIDEO sermons, panel discussions and interviews. A good example of converting video and converting it to online versions. This New York church is taking their cable TV series and converting them to Online video. Works with a phone modem but has long download times.

MOVIE ILLUSTRATION INDEX The author of this site is indexing a list of movie clips that you may want to consider for sermon, devotional and Sunday School illustrations.

CHURCH CONF CALL SUNDAY SCHOOL A "conference call" service to allow church to teach classes and collaborate via conference calls.

GAME SHOW TYPE SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE Use this software to set up a "game show" type presentation. You can even buy or build buttons for contestants to push to see who first will answer the questions. This is great for Bible Quiz or Bible Bowl type activities. A neat change from the norm.
Game Show Presenter


STAR OFFICE: A $75 alternative to Microsoft Office including their PowerPoint type software (Special discount for schools). This is a 79-105 MB download! It does a good job and to a fair extent is compatible with PowerPoint. You can also order a disk from them for less than $20 if you don't want to do the download.

OPEN OFFICE: A FREE alternative to Microsoft Office including their PowerPoint type software It does a good job and to a fair extent is compatible with PowerPoint.

POWERPOINT VIEWER: This free viewer from Microsoft won't allow you to edit presentations but it will allow you to view PowerPoint 97 presentations. You can also get a PowerPoint 2000 viewer from Microsoft.



OKLAHOMA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY'S FREE SUNDAY SCHOOL LITERATURE Free Sunday School literature for Teens and adults in PDF format and some simple PowerPoint shows.

PUZZLEMAKER.COM This site isn't really a religious site but it offers some great tools for Sunday School teachers. Pick the kind of puzzle you want and type in the words you want to use and the site will let you choose from at least a dozen different types of puzzles. It will make cryptograms, crosswords, word searches and a lot more, all ready to be printed out.

NEIL MCQUEEN'S WEBPAGE of Christian education software, reviews, teaching materials etc.

KID'S SUNDAY SCHOOL PLACE Lots of great resources for teachers!

CHILDREN' SERMONS - general illustrations for teaching children. . . Lots of good general resources but only a little computer resources.


Despite the name, this site is a LOT more than just Sunday School crafts. A website of Sunday School material for children. Includes a lot of game material and crafts. Go there to sign up for their weekly Sunday School email newsletter.

PASTOR2YOUTH.COM (Youth and Teen Material)
Lots and lots of PowerPoint material shared among Youth leaders. Includes lessons, songs, quizzes...literally thousands of free items. (Youth and Teen Material)
Lots of material for youth leaders including PowerPoint based material. They also have a free weekly newsletter with a lesson for Youth Ministers to use with Teens.

Christian Adult Education
Information about improving Christian adult education programs. Lots of nice articles and links.


eBibleTeacher Bible Study Page
I have searched the Internet to find the best Online Bibles and other study resources. Click below to see the list that I came up with.


Preacher's Sermon Prep Page
Preaching resources site. LOTS of great resources and links.

"Pastor's Helper" Page
A webpage by a preacher in the Independent Christian Church. He has a CD of about 250 sermons with over 5,000 PowerPoint slides matched to over 1,000 pages of notes. This is the largest collection known by us.

Sermon/Teaching Illustrations
A great site for preaching and teaching illustrations. As they say "Jesus told stories, why don't we?"
A site of over 8,000 links to sermons, outlines, devotionals, etc. by multiple denominations . . . (not specifically PowerPoint)

eBibleTeacher NON-English Resources

Bible Atlas Maps, Romans Intro lesson, Christian Personal Growth Intro lesson free downloads.

Bible Atlas Maps free downloads.

This site claims that it has Bibles in over 140 languages!:

General Video Projection Equipment Suppliers  Great prices on video projectors. 1-800-729-0163

Fowler Video  (Ask for a copy of their excellent free guidebook!) 1-800-729-0163

Christian Multimedia Solutions (Florida) 
email to 407-342-7084

"CHRISTIAN" PROJECTOR SUPPLIERS LIST: This is a page of advertisements by companies that sell video equipment. Everyone on this page is supposed to be a Christian owned company.


TECHNOLOGY FOR WORSHIP MAGAZINE: A magazine with LOTS of information about multimedia in churches.


CHRISTIAN COMPUTING MAGAZINE: A magazine with general articles about computers including some about multimedia.

YOUR CHURCH MAGAZINE: A magazine with general articles about church resources including some about multimedia.

Projection Equipment

We have over 40 video/data Projector company links! Because of this we have put them on a separate page. Find InFocus, Proxima, Lightware, 3M, Acer, Apollo, Boxlight, Barco and 30+ more. Click below to go to the projector company link page:

PC to TV Manufacturers

ADS   PC to TV Converters  (See also our review page)

AverMedia PC to TV Converters

AiTech PC to TV Converters

Equipment Reviews

Our Review Page


Software Reviews

Our Review Page

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Worship Song Display Resources

We have over a dozen worship song projection software company links! Because of this we have put them on a separate page. Find SongShow Plus, Prologue, Media Shout and more. Click below to go to the worship song software link page:

CCLI Worship Song Copyright Clearinghouse The place to go to pay fees to allow your church to use copyrighted songs. :
A site for worship leaders to discuss and share.