How to Build a Pew Top Stand

This pew top stand is excellent for churches in which the projector screen is directly in front of the pews. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation in which you can't set up a projector stand because the pews are in the way. This unit sits on top of the pews and provides a stable platform for your video, slide, overhead or movie projector.


  • 3/4” x 23” Felt padding for where pewtop stand touches the pews
  • One 1” x 4” x 10 ft board
  • 18” x 36” x 1/2” plywood
  • Wood Screws
  • Wood Glue
  • Four 4” x 3/8” carriage boats
  • 12 nuts and 8 washers for carriage bolts
  • One Surge Suppression Power Strip
  • One 25 to 50 ft Extension  Cord
  • Stain or Paint of your choice


  • Sabre Saw
  • Saw
  • Drill & Bits
  • Wrench for Bolts
  • Brush for paint
  • Sandpaper

The unit has a 6 outlet surge suppressor on one end and you can store the extension cord underneath the base. It has a built in handy carrying handle.

Note the location of the carriage bolts for storing the extension cord.

Edge View.  Note the indentations at the end is long enough to fit a variety of pew locations.
Edge View.  Note the locations of 4 carriage bolts and power strip.

Edge View.  Note the handle cutout and holes for power cord.

Edge View.  Note the how orange extension cord wraps around four carriage bolts that extend through bottom. Note grey felt on cutouts at top and bottom where the stand will sit on the pew.