Using Projectors in Church

Over the last few years, Bible class teachers have begun to use the computer more and more for lesson preparation.  Now, many teachers are not only using the computer to prepare the lesson but also to help present the lesson. This usage is accelerating as the cost of electronic projection systems drop.  Many have come to realize that there are tremendous advantages to actually bringing their computer to class to help present the lesson.  To do so means that the teacher needs some kind of large screen presentation system.  This article will help you learn about large screen presentation systems and includes ideas for how to use them effectively in the Bible Class.  It has tips and tricks and explains how to keep out of the common traps that beginners face.  For budget conscious churches, this article also has special information about inexpensive PC to TV converters which can be a cost effective way to make electronic presentations in the small classroom.  Graphic of preacher using big screen tv to display lesson scriptures.

Portions of this article were used in a magazine article for Christian Computing Magazine entitled "PC ON THE TV- The Computer in the Sunday School". The portion of the article printed in Christian Computing Magazine has been updated and is reprinted by permission of the publisher.  (

Typical costs to purchase presentation systems are explained in this guide. PLEASE NOTE THAT PRICES GIVEN ARE BASED ON 2003 ESTIMATES. The price of electronic equipment varies quickly so check prices regularly.

30+ Things to Do with the Big Screen
(Ways to use your multimedia projector or PC/TV converter in the church.)


  • Don't let your missionaries be "out of sight - out of mind" show pictures of your missionaries and mission points in action. Information about missions results in more prayer and support.
  • Show pictures of baptisms. Supply your missionary with a digital camera and have them send the pictures over the Internet.
  • Show videos of last year's campaign trip to attract more participants in this year's trip.


  • Show videos and digital pictures of the youth in action. This will encourage both you and them.
  • Retreats
  • Play "Bible Baseball" on the big screen. Divide your classes into teams and use the contest to review the previously taught material (
  • Have youth do skits to illustrate lessons/classes/sermons and show on the big screen


  • Show videos of last year's VBS to boost enthusiasm for this year's VBS


  • Use your Bible study software in the class room.
  • Put your notes, outlines, key points and "quotes of the day" on the big screen.
  • Show the scripture text in the version of your choice and contrast how different versions translate the text.
  • Display photos of the holy land sites being described in the Bible
  • Use your software Bible Atlas
  • Put your discussion questions on the big screen to keep the class focused
  • Show satellite photos of the holy land   (
  • For multilingual groups, show the scriptures in two different languages.
  • Use Internet resources while in the Bible class.
  • Show Christian educational videos
  • Illustrate Bible stories with clips from movies depicting Bible events.


  • Display the announcements for all to see. Add details such as addresses and phone numbers that you might not normally mention in verbal announcements.
  • Show short videos of upcoming visiting speakers to build enthusiasm for the upcoming activities
  • Replay TV news items that discussed your your congregations activities
  • Show photos of special needs for raising funds
  • Display pictures of new members (especially good for churches with multiple services)


  • Show songs on the big screen (
  • For overflow crowds, send a live video projection to a second room.
  • Put on a seminar concerning marriage, family, finance, etc using one of the excellent videos available for this purpose and invite the community.


  • In budget meetings, display spreadsheets for showing the affects of different decisions. Show amendments as they are made.
  • Have a movie night and show movies with Christian values as alternate entertainment for your youth on weekends.
  • If you have a portable projector, take your activities on the road to share with residents of nursing homes, etc.

THE FUTURE  (These are the types of uses we anticipate as the technology matures)

  • Have a guest speaker or panel from different cities present a lesson in your Bible Class
  • Conduct a combined service with a mission church that you support. They see your congregation and you see theirs.
  • Get prepared for "distance learning" to be provided by schools and universities in the future.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Be careful of violating copyrights. Read the copy right restrictions on any items that you plan to display. Make sure that you have permission to use items prior to displaying.

Do you have other ideas?  Tell us how you are using your large screen system!


Reasons that you should NOT use the computer in the Bible class

  • Don't let your church become more high-tech than high-touch.
  • High Tech can be very expensive.
  • Using such technology can be addictive.
  • You can waste a lot of time working with the technology.


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