How to Build a Whiteboard

This money saving whiteboard is based around using an inexpensive white wall panel like those used in residential bathrooms.  One of our members has built a variety of these whiteboards, saving our church over $1,000 dollars.  Basically, the construction consists of gluing the white wall panels to wooden frames and mounting them either on a wall or on a mobile stand.  The actual whiteboards generally cost only about $10 each.  You will spend more money on the frames.  For a REALLY cheap whiteboard, you can just glue a board directly to a wall and put some molding around it.  Be aware, however that this will ruin the wall when you try to take it down some day.

PROS:  Large boards for a very inexpensive price.

CONS:  Board material was not designed for heavy duty use.  They will NOT last as long as a first quality board.  You will need to replace these boards every few years so design the frame for easy replacement.  I wouldn’t suggest this for a school setting in which it is used all day, several days a week but for a church setting in which they are used once or twice a week they are fine.

Whiteboard - Wall Mounted

photo of hand made markerboard

You will need a frame behind the board to keep it from warping.  Glue the board to the frame so that you won't have screws in the markerboard.

photo showing shape of ledge for markers

Edge View.  Marker/eraser ledge at bottom.  We have found it good to put a ledge at the top so that it is out of the reach of small children.