Discontinued Worship Software

The following worship software packages are no longer available. They are listed here for historical purposes.

See our worship software reviews for reviews of worship software options that are currently available.

SundayPlus (Previously known as "Prologue") is one of the top software products for displaying song lyrics on the big screen during worship. SundayPlus is much more than just for displaying songs. It has special features for controlling announcements, audio-visuals, graphics and more. This software was written by an award winning video visual effects programmer and it shows. The slide and video transition effects are the best that I have ever seen.

This software has a lot of features not found in other packages. You can get it in several different editions from a worship planning version to a combined planning and projection software package. It has a lot of special support for printing music, click-to-play chords and instant transposition, etc. This software continues to go through EXTENSIVE improvements.

A collection of software mostly for managing worship planning rather than presenting lyrics or notes. Now Defunct.

Three versions available - including a fully-functional laptop version for single monitor output. Does not handle video backgrounds. Simple interface. Will allow you to obtain in inexpensive monthly payments. Features include:

  • Simple interface
  • Laptop with single monitor output version available
  • Monthly payment plan

This company appears to no longer be in business. NOTE: This software had the special feature of keying on the idea of projecting the musical notes not just the text.

A PowerPoint based song projection system.

  • Uses MS PowerPoint - no other software needed;
  • Can search for any lyric of any song 'live' during presentation;
  • About 1,000 songs included, with periodic updates from FlexImage website;
  • Dual monitor systems, with dedicated control screen available that can build and save 'Meeting Plans' for direct access to songs with a double-click of a mouse and Preview all verses of selected song (up to 12), with direct access to verses with a single mouse click.

Worship management software appears to no longer be available.

A windows based song projection system.

  • searchable database can store tens of thousands of Services and Service items including songs, images, prayers, quotations, jokes, statistics, sermons etc.
  • Single or Dual Monitor
  • Microsoft Outlook type interface
  • Export and Import features to share and download from Paraclete website.
  • Links to Microsoft® Word templates so you can prepare customized service sheets

This software requires Microsoft PowerPoint to operate. It automates several features of song slide preparation. They have a free trial version.

Worship and song display software for churches, designed to easily display songs, PowerPoint presentations and so on to your congregation, using dual screen technologies to seamlessly control projection of words for songs and PowerPoint presentations.

DDual screen support, windows software that requires .net framework.  A free trial version is available. Defunct.

We have been made aware of yet another new open source worship software product called "DreamBeam".

This product is specifically designed for churches who use PowerPoint. Now Defunct.