How to Build a Pew Top Podium

This pew top podium allows the speaker to come down to present from the front pew. This stand can even be set further back in the pews..


  • One 18” x 24” finished plywood top platform
  • For metal frame shown need about 18 feet of 1 inch wide metal strips.
  • For wooden frame (not shown) would need a finished piece of plywood about 2 ft by 8 ft plus trim boards and about 12 foot of 2" by 2" interior framing wood.
  • Felt padding for where pewtop podium touches the pews
  • Wood Screws
  • Wood Glue
  • 7 ft of wood border trim
  • 2 ft of bottom border trim to hold books, pencils
  • Stain or Paint of your choice


  • Saw
  • Drill & Bits
  • Wrench for Bolts
  • Brush for stain
  • Sandpaper

Although the stand shown has a wooden top and metal frame it would be easy to make the bottom frame out of plywood. In that case you would basically make a plywood box for the slanted top to sit on and then cut the bottom of the box out to fit over the pew. Make sure to pad where the frame touches the pew to keep from scratching the pew. In the case of our metal frame we used clear plastic instead of felt pads..

pew podium photo

sketch of dimensions of pew podium

side photo showing support for pew podium

side photo showing frame of pew pdoium

photo showing top of pew podium