Game Review F. E. A. R. 2: Project Origin

No one will interfere with adrenaline, a little fear and tears for cheerfulness. If you want to see it - find a person who works on a collective farm and ask him to cut off his hand. But if you want to achieve fear from F. E. A. R. 2: Project Origin, then you are not there. Plot:

Your main enemy from the first part of F. E. A. R. is Alma, who, in my opinion, is a copy of a girl from the movie “Call”. Only she led a quiet life in the well and frightened idiots cassette with a funny video for me. But nevertheless, a special detachment Delta enters the fight with the girl Alma. You play as a Delta Squad operative, Michael Beckett. Task: to save Aristide. But the operative from the first part of the game F. E. A. R. blasts the sarcophagus reactor. And you are knocked out by a blast wave. From this begins the plot of the game. In the toilet with a rifle!

If you think that the whole game is based on fear and horror - do not believe that you are being deceived. For 10 hours of play, I was frightened only by the moment where, instead of the face of your friend, Alma appears. But for what we paid then? For a couple of disappearing corpses and mountains of clones ... "All the way, Vovan. How then will not be! & quot; Yes, and it is. The first part of the game only its appearance scared us. But, maybe it was the idea of ​​the company - to make a game for players without experience? They did it. But nevertheless, the fans of the series will like the manuscript with Alma and other innovations. & quot; When meeting uyu! & quot;

You know, the multiplayer is pretty decent, I spent 2 hours and did not get bored. Standard multiplayer has a set of maps included in the original game and numerous game options: Confrontation, Against all, etc. Lovers of online shooters will like it.

Game rating Sound: Sound on top. Of course, sometimes the amount of howling, incomprehensible rustling, etc., was strained, but this is the law of the genre. Pleasantly surprised by the voice acting - localization for 5+. True ... Could find voices better ... 10/10 Graphics:

Again, the situation is that the console versions for anti-aliasing are much better. I liked the quality of drawing objects, but I didn’t like the detailing of the hands on my car - I had to go to PlayStation 3. 9/10 Gameplay: The game simply disappointed me - I had never seen such a banal deception. This is not F. E. A. R. - this is a piece of code that costs 700-1200 rubles and that I purchased to inject adrenaline into the skin.

Graphics: 9/10 Sound: 10/10 Physics: 10/10 Gameplay: 5/10 Result: This game did not impress me with fear. People unfamiliar with the genre, I advise. The rest - in the furnace! With you was Mosana, I wish you only a great game, thank you for your attention! Full Length Porn Movies