10 Commandments

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The story of God giving the Ten Commandments. Includes two free class workbooks and an iPad/tablet story flip book. Also includes links to similar lessons, trading card site and to how to memorize the 10 commandments in 5 minutes. UPDATED: 11/10/2011

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Moses Leads The People Out Of Egypt
The children of Israel had escaped from Egypt. They were no longer Pharaoh's slaves. The Lord led them towards the Red Sea. As they traveled there was a pillar shaped cloud that showed them the direction they were to take. In the daylight it looked like cloud but at night it became a pillar of fire so they could travel whenever the Lord wanted them to, day or night. No sooner had they left than Pharaoh was very sorry he had let them go - he didn't like the idea of losing all his slaves. He and his soldiers started after the children of Israel. When the Israelites saw the soldiers coming they started to complain and asked Moses why he had brought them there to die - they thought they would have been better off to have stayed in Egypt!
The Israelites Cross the Red Sea
When Pharaoh and his army had almost caught up with them the cloud in front of the Israelites moved behind them between them and the soldiers. The Lord told Moses to tell the people to start marching to the sea, and when they got there Moses raised his staff toward the sea. God caused a great wind to blow and divide the sea and the children of Israel went into the middle of the sea on dry ground. The water on either side looked like great walls. But, when the soldiers passed through the water came rushing down together and covered the Egyptians drowning the entire army
Moses Leads The Israelites To Mount Sinai
The children of Israel arrived at mount Sinai three months after leaving Egypt.
Moses Goes Up Mount Sinai
Moses went up to talk to God. God told Moses to remind the people how God had protected them from the Egyptians and that God would love them more than any other people if they would obey his commandments. God told Moses to tell the people to prepare themselves for God. When God came to the mountain there was terrible thunder and lightning on the mountain. The Lord told Moses to come so he could get the two tablets of stone with the Ten Commandments written on them. Moses stayed on the mountain for 40 days and 40 nights.
Aaron Collects Gold To Make An Idol
While Moses was up on the mountain the people were waiting at the bottom of the mountain for Moses. They became impatient with Moses because he had been gone so long. They went to Aaron because they wanted something to worship. Aaron told them to give him their gold.
Aaron Makes A Golden Calf
Aaron melted their gold and made it into an idol that was the shape of a golden calf.
The People Worship The Golden Calf
The people bowed down to the golden calf and said it was their god. They offered burnt offerings to the golden calf. They had a great party and were doing wrong and immoral things! All this time Moses was still on the mountain and didn't know what was going on. But God did and told Moses to go to the people
Moses Sees The People Worshipping
Moses hurried down the mountain with the two tablets of stone on which were written the Ten Commandments. He could hear the people shouting and singing. As they came nearer Moses could hardly believe what he was seeing. The people were worshiping a golden calf idol!
Breaking the Tablets
Moses became very angry and threw the tablets down and they broke into pieces as they smashed against the ground.
Moses Destroys the Calf
Moses broke the golden calf into pieces and burned it and ground it into ashes and threw the ashes into the water and made the people drink it. Moses then prayed to God for the people and pleaded with God to forgive them. Then God told Moses to make two more stone tablets like those who were broken.
Moses Brings Down The Ten Commandments
So Moses made two more tablets of stone and went back up Mount Sinai. The Lord wrote the Ten Commandments on the tablets of stone then Moses returned with the new tablets.
Moses Teaches The Commandments To The People
God told Moses many more rules and commandments and Moses taught the people the wonderful words of God.

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