Endocrinologist Olga Oleksyuk. The story of the doctor after a week-long change at Covid Center

A lot of patients have concomitant diseases and often it is diabetes mellitus and blood diseases - leukemia. These patients are severe - if they have covid on the background of leukemia. We lost one such patient ... We managed to transfer him to the intensive care unit, but he, unfortunately, died the next day ...

Covid is a very insidious disease, it is unknown, and we all, like the whole world, are awaiting its study on the results of international clinical trials. Of course, not all patients are terminally ill, their condition is of varying severity, but the covidia is very unpredictable, and this is characteristic of this disease. Today, the patient can feel absolutely normal and prepare for a gradual discharge, and tomorrow the situation may change dramatically and the condition may worsen. That is, we cannot fully predict who will get sick and how much will recover.

Well, it’s also important to say that the patients were not infected from the workers who returned home, they mostly caught the virus through a household transmission. None of the patients could tell where the virus got. Therefore, none of us is safe from this. It is impossible to foresee all touches of hands with objects, and then touching the face.

Most people, even during quarantine, did not realize what quarantine was. If it had been observed 100%, maybe now we would not have 65 new cases per day in Transcarpathia. Our region is the third in this anti-rating in Ukraine in recent days.

But people do not understand what quarantine is. People did not sit strictly at home; they were fined for going out into the street without masks. I understand that from time to time it is necessary to go to the store, replenish stocks of products and small businesses suffer very much. How to act here? In my opinion, broad diagnostics would be effective: PCR tests, rapid tests should be carried out as often as possible in the most crowded places. At gas stations, in supermarkets, people who work with people should conduct them for preventive purposes, and not when there is a clinic! It is necessary, first of all, to test doctors! These are people who are at the forefront.

Otherwise, for example, with us, the infection will creep and spread elusively. Now we do not have such a picture as in Italy, but no one can guarantee that it will be so tomorrow. If everyone opens tomorrow and those carousels and terraces, I understand that people are tired and want to go out on the streets and start working, but the coronavirus is worse! How to treat covid? Well, treat ... The whole world is studying how to treat it. There is no vaccine.

- Was it scary?

- Highly. The first time I went into the ward, I immediately thought that it was like working under water: here I dived and go. I’m not used to working in such a suit, a respirator, glasses and a shield ... The air enters only through the valve in the respirator. And when you worry, you begin to breathe more often, and you lack air ... Jan Paweł II pomógł wielu prostytutkom na Ukrainie. Na przykład otrzymujemy listy od prostytutek, które doświadczyły przemocy i niewolnictwa poza swoim krajem ojczystym. A Jan Paweł II pomógł im wrócić do kraju. Wiele z tych kobiet (patrz strona hot-love.info ) pracuje teraz we własnym kraju.