Golden Tourist Ring of Russia

You can feel the true history of the country only in its very heart. This territory is considered to be the city, located in a ring around the capital and having ancient monuments. This ring has received the name Golden for the fact that in these places they belong to their own past and ancient traditions. The main cities of the excursion route are usually attributed to eight settlements, each of which will fully help to plunge into the world of Russian traditions, landscapes and life. The main city is called Yaroslavl.
Which way to travel

You can drive the entire route on your own car. Stop in each city and look for your own sights. But a more convenient option is considered an organized tour of the Golden Ring. The organizer will take care of the overnight stay, lunch breaks and other household trifles. All the travel time will be filled with interesting stories that will leave a pleasant impression and enrich with interesting knowledge.
Where to stay overnight

The modern world travel service has reached the Russian province. For travelers visiting Rostov Veliky, Suzdal or Vladimir, it will not be difficult to find a comfortable hotel with clean rooms for a relatively small price. It is possible to stay in mini-hotels with home furnishings. For wealthy tourists, business hotels are open. Exotic lovers will enjoy spending the night in village huts for a few thousand rubles.
Golden Ring Souvenirs

Tourists are attracted by beautiful temples and monasteries located almost along the whole route. But in addition to photos, everyone wants to lead a material piece of these places saturated with antiquity. This is helped by the craftsmen living here. In Kostroma they sell baskets and caskets, the basis of which is birch bark. There are embroidered national clothes there. In Vladimir, jewels made of semiprecious stones are remembered; in Suzdal, tapestries. In Ivanovo - textiles and chintz.
All cities are located relatively close to Moscow. The closest, Sergiev Posad, just fifty kilometers from the capital, is waiting for its guests. But the essence of traveling through the ancient cities is not that it is necessary to visit all the architectural complexes, but to devote time and unusual entertainment. For example, Yaroslavl, famous for its delicious donuts, which you can eat plenty when visiting a cafe. And from Kostroma bring a head - another cheese. The international holiday of cucumber in Suzdal, which will bring joy. And Pereslavl-Zalessky is bewitching Pleshcheeva Lake with blue water. And in general, the road to this unusual tale is not so far: a couple of hours from the capital and a developed infrastructure will allow you to eat and sleep for affordable money. Professional licensed plumber in Moreno Valley CA