Wolfenstein: Youngblood - difficulty levels and skills

The level can be changed at any time if it is too easy or too difficult for you.

In Wolfenstein: Youngblood you will find several difficulty levels that you can adapt to your skills. It’s good to know that the initial choice of difficulty level is optional, and you can change it at any time.

To do this, just go to the "Options" menu, select "Gameplay" and there you can make changes. In the game you can choose the following difficulty levels:

Low - for beginners.
Intermediate - Intermediate for beginners.
Normal - Intermediate level for experienced players.
High - a difficult level for specialists.
Very high - very difficult for experts.

In addition to the level of difficulty in the game, there are levels associated with missions and opponents. They relate to the level of development of the hero, and you can check them by the name of the mission. If there is a skull next to him, this means that the task will be too difficult for the hero, and you must first go to a higher level of experience and only then proceed with its implementation.

The same situation happens with opponents. If there is a skull icon next to them, it means that at the moment they will be too strong for the heroine, and you should return to them later. In other cases, a number will appear next to the opponents, showing their current level of experience.

Cooperation skills

While playing Wolfenstein: Youngblood, you can use the so-called doping. These are gestures performed by sisters, whose performance gives different bonuses to both characters at the same time. The condition is that the heroines should be close enough to each other. Doping is updated and the charge icon is on the right side of the screen.

Further skills can be bought for coins. To do this, simply go to the "Character" tab and select "Doping" in the "Gameplay" category.

After selecting this option, a list with doping gestures will appear. Just choose the one that interests us, and on the right you will see its description and cost. If we decide to unlock the selected dope, just confirm this by pressing the key.

Below are descriptions of all available gestures:

Thumbs up - adds 50 energy (health).
Devil Horns - Adds 25 Armor Points.
A clenched fist - adds 15 energy and armor.
Turtle - in 5 seconds, the sisters become indestructible.
Get up - allows you to revive your sister from afar.
Battle Stance - allows you to do double damage for 5 seconds.
Break your fingers - the damage done by enemies is halved by 10 seconds.
Martial arts - renews all energy.
Cyborg 1980 - updates all armor. tr.natashaescort.com