Where Can I Create Free Online Polls?

Not all free online polls are created equally. The truth is, some free polling software offers far more advanced features than others. No matter the purpose of your online poll, it’s important that it’s not only easy for you to create, but also easy for your audience to participate in.

Before you create your next online poll, get to know Swift Polling by ExciteM to see what it can do for you.

Create online polls with Swift Polling

There are several reasons Swift Polling is the first choice for live voting and audience interaction tools. In addition to their unparalleled customer service, they offer an impressive range of polling tools. Included in their product range are live polls, SMS polls, web polls, Q&As, gaming and quizzes, PowerPoint embed, and live video integration.

Live voting in less than a minute

When you create online polls, it’s important to be able to do so quickly. Often, presenters may come up with a new question in the middle of their presentation and they need an efficient way to get audience responses.

With Swift, you can create an online poll, present it with your audience or attendees, and even share results–all in under a minute.

The benefits of live voting

Presenters, hosts, and leaders use live voting in a variety of formats to achieve different goals for their presentation.

Here are just some of the great benefits of live polling:

  • Engaging and exciting your audience
  • Gathering real-time feedback to guide the course of your presentation
  • Streamlining data and responses in a single space
  • Improving learning by gauging areas of understanding and what might need to be further clarified
  • Create a dialogue between you and your audience or your audience among themselves
  • Reduce disruptions by collecting electronic responses rather than calling on audience members individually

To learn more about how to create a free online poll with Swift, click here.