Mating toy terrier

Small breeds of dogs have always been popular. And although the process of mating toy terriers is quite complicated, it is worth it.
Mating for the first time

At the age of one and a half - two years, it is possible to carry out the first mating of toy terriers. Due to the fact that this breed is too emotional, the first meeting of pets must be carefully prepared. Ideally, it is better to invite a knitting instructor from a club or a professional breeder for help. Then the first experience will not be "blurred", and in the future everything will happen without a "bitch and hitch." Another opinion is that it is better if the dog will knit at home.

In preparing for the mating, several important factors should be noted.
1. Do not wash your pet on the eve of mating. The smell of detergent can scare your partner. Do not wear clothes.
2. Do not rush the dogs. Give them time to play and sniff each other.

Mating period for female

If the females are okay with the physiology, estrus occurs twice a year.
How does this happen:
- Swelling genitals;
- There are discharges with blood, the dog may urinate more often than usual.
- The behavior and mood of the female is changing: the attention to males is increasing, she is trying to mark her possessions.

Techka bitches divided into several periods

The first 9 days of the loop are bleeding. This is the preparatory stage: the girl is of interest in males, but does not allow them.

From 10 to 16 days, bleeding is replaced by colorless mucus. This is the most suitable moment for mating and fertilization. The female with pleasure admits the partner.

From 17 to 22 days, the female's love activity begins to subside, as does the possibility of fertilization.

Features mating in males toy terrier sic

When you first knit a dog you must consider the following points.

If you have a stud dog and have a date at your home - prepare a small anti-slip mat. First of all, dogs will be comfortable on it, their paws, etc. will not part. And secondly, in consequence, it will be a “mat” mat, easily recognizable by a pet.

Nothing should distract the pair from mating.

The first mating is desirable with an experienced partner.

- During pairing, the male dog is better to hold onto the croup and at the same time to make circular, stroke movements.
- If the pairing does not happen immediately - it is better to breed dogs for a short time in different rooms for a break to rest.
- In the name of the “castle”, do not allow pets to make sharp movements and turns in order to avoid injuries. Nous rencontrons continûment Cialis à l'égard de la meilleure qualité ou Levitra en tenant la éventail cette moins chère après renfermer commandé du Viagra /Viagra - sildénafil Viagra - sildénafil/ avec la meilleure qualité au meilleur réduction.