The upbringing of children begins from the very moment of birth of the child, and the first tutors are mom and dad. They really want a good person, a strong personality, a worthy citizen to grow out of their child.
Many young parents make a mistake, using some fashionable, sensational system of education. There is nothing wrong with such systems. But they are aimed at developing specific skills or abilities. And the little man develops constantly and in all directions. And the development takes place in the family, with its foundations, traditions.
The most important thing for young moms and dads is to learn to understand their child. From the first moments the parents should become practical participants in the life of the baby. With him you need to talk all the time awake. For example, during dressing, pronounce what we wear, on which handle or leg. What color, style, shape, etc. The calm voice of the parent will not replace any gadget, even with unusual technologies. Yes, at first it will seem meaningless. But it will take several weeks or months, and the baby at the mention of the right hand will stretch it to you.
Watching the child, it becomes clear exactly what toys are needed in a given period. For example, in 6-7 months, many babies love to clasp their small horizontal bars with their palms and to sip with them. The crumb still doesn’t crawl, but climbs up on a small ladder (like monkeys). This is due to the extinction of unconditioned and the awakening of conditioned reflexes.
Loud rude and offensive statements are not allowed with the baby. This causes fear, which can lead to negative consequences. Such as isolation, "bad games" with your body, aggression, protest, etc.
Unlike adults, the little man does not understand that he is small and helpless. For him, his affairs are also important. Therefore, with understanding, you should treat all activities and games with a child. In no case do not be ironic and mock, watching for not quite skillful behavior of the child. It would not be superfluous to offer the little man his help, and not to do everything for him.
Have you ever wondered how our cave ancestors raised their descendants without books, television programs or the Internet? And after all, healthy, strong people grew up who did not need to teach family values ​​at school. Upbringing in those times was about loving, being around all the time. And personal example to teach all the skills and abilities. Join now in sex community and visit our live free xxx chat room provides a registration-free experience where you can meet sexy girls and watch nude cams without creating an account.