Taste of summer in sweet cherries!

Sweet cherry is truly one of the most delicious garden berries. Everybody loves her, from young to old.
This tree grows very quickly and is able to bear fruit well at a young age.
About utility.
In the berries of sweet cherry dominated by a huge amount of useful minerals and vitamins. It helps with various diseases and can alleviate the course of diseases. Sweet cherries are even beneficial for diabetics because they contain fructose.
The choice of cherries.
Before planting a tree with delicious berries, you need to decide, first of all, with the variety. There are about four thousand varieties of sweet cherries. Varieties are divided into two large groups:
1) Bigarro. This group includes varieties with dense, crispy berries, they have a colorless or light - colored juice. These include varieties of later maturity.
2) Gini. This group includes early ripe cherries, they have juicy, sweet berries, the pulp is tender, and the juice is colorless.
Rules for perfect fit and care.
1) You need to start with choosing the habitat of the future tree. The best place will be where there is no wind, on a small hill, because the cherry is very fond of light.
2) The soil must be fertile, well-hydrated. But it is important to avoid stagnant water.
3) Early spring is the perfect time for planting cherry seedlings. Previously in the hole you need to pour humus, it should be done in the fall. In the spring, add sodium and sulphate fertilizers, and mix them with soil and humus. Perhaps more fertilizer for cherry is not needed at the time of its landing in the ground. Otherwise, excess fertilizer can cause the formation of new shoots that can lead the plant to death.
4) Cherries do not need to go deep into the soil. after planting in the hole you need to pour water in the amount of one bucket. After watering, fill the hole with a small layer of humus.
5) In April or early May, the plant should be fertilized. After fruiting, in preparation for wintering, by the end of September, superphosphate fertilizers must be applied and the trunk of the tree covered with burlap.
6) In the spring you need to prune branches, broken and dry branches. Sections must be cleaned and treated with garden putty.
7) The trunk of trees must be whitened both in spring and autumn when preparing for the winter.
Protecting cherries from birds.
& quot; Bird Cherry & quot; - so called sweet cherry for a special love for her from the birds. It is possible to effectively save a tree from birds and eating their berries with the help of a covering net, which is commercially available in any gardening shop. nudebase.com