Some girls really kissed the sun on the top of the head. These are beauties with freckles on the face. Freckles are small pigment spots of yellowish hue. They are characterized by multiplicity. Such specks are formed on the face, on the shoulders, on the chest. During the period of solar activity, in spring and summer, they appear especially strongly, their number increases. Freckles are not so noticeable in winter. However, not all owners of such sun spots like this.
To reduce the appearance of freckles, it is necessary to include foods rich in vitamin C in the diet. If there are not enough of them in the body, this leads to increased pigmentation. Be sure to protect the skin from exposure to ultraviolet rays. Girls who are prone to freckles should use products with a high level of protection, with an SPF of more than 30. In this case, sunbathing should be done gradually so that the freckles appear more evenly.
Known mass of folk remedies for whitening freckled skin. It is advisable to apply them after an evening cleansing of the skin, overnight. In the fight against sun spots will help rubbing the skin with lemon juice, parsley juice. A mix of cucumber, grapefruit or currant mix can also help. Trace elements contained in these products, oxidize pigments, which leads to lightening of the skin. Gentle on freckled skin lactic acid products. Infusion of dandelions is great effect on clusters of freckles.
Pharmaceutical preparations for skin whitening are widely used. This is a variety of lotions, creams and masks. They also include some herbal ingredients, as well as vitamins. The treatment takes about three weeks.
You can also remove freckles from a beautician. Competent assistance of a specialist dermatologist will help in completely getting rid of stains or significantly reduce their manifestations. For this purpose, chemical peels with special acids are used. They peel off the top layer of skin along with freckles. Such a procedure as laser polishing also removes the top layer of the skin. This is a more serious and expensive procedure. The doctor may also prescribe special formulations consisting of alcohol, bodyagi and mercury ointment. Such drugs are used strictly for the purpose and under the supervision of the attending doctor.
Bleaching procedures freckles very dry skin, lead to its aging and the formation of wrinkles. Before proceeding to such radical measures, you need to try folk methods, softer. Perhaps they will help get rid of this problem. CVV Store Forum