Modern style in your dining room

If you want to bring a modern style to the dining room, first of all, you should come up with functional solutions, in this important place in every home. Because of this, it will look beautiful and at the same time it will be very convenient in everyday use.
Modern dining can not miss a large, solid table. Ideally, it should be long and designed for at least 8 people. It should not be too wide, only 80-90 cm. In order to use the table comfortably, each person sitting next to him should have 60 cm of free space. You should also consider how much space around the table you will need to install the chairs.

Modern solution or dining in the living room
The best solution is to combine the living room with the dining room and at the same time open this space for the kitchen. This is a solution that can be arranged both in the apartment and in the house. Only the surfaces we need to design will be different. In both cases, it is necessary to ensure that the table is located as close as possible to the kitchen. Due to this, you will not have problems with the transfer of plates and dishes with food.

Ideal Dining Room Furniture
We have already mentioned the table, which in the dining room should be large and spacious. But guests must also sit on something. Dining chairs should, above all, be very comfortable. Ideally, they should be bundled with a table. At the stylish modern table you can successfully lay plastic chairs of different colors. This will bring an element of modernity into the dining room, which at the same time will be very careless.
It is also worth placing in the dining room a sideboard or a spacious wardrobe, which will contain plates, glasses and other dishes that will be useful when setting the table. Side lights will also bring good mood in the dining room. You can also place pendant lights just above the table.

Contemporary dining room lighting
Due to the fact that the dining room is used both day and night, it is worth effectively lighting the table. However, it should be remembered that the distance from the lamp to the table top should be 50-60 cm. If the table is very long, it is worthwhile to hang several bulbs in a row. A good solution is the lighting control system in the dining room, that is, the so-called dimmers. They will create an interesting atmosphere in this space.
Due to the fact that modern dining rooms are often located in the center of the house, you should take care that this place is extremely well lit. Thanks to this, it will become the most important place in the house.