Slower Eating Tips

The problem of excessively fast eating is a matter that concerns not only the rules of conduct at the refectory table. If you eat very quickly, then the brain simply does not have time to send the appropriate "stop signal". People who absorb food too quickly do not chew it all the way - at the same time with food they swallow a lot of air. And it is absolutely not surprising that such fast meals often become a cause of impaired digestive function.

However, in the event that you have long been accustomed to eat quickly, then this can be corrected. There are several useful recommendations that help reduce the speed of eating and permanently abandon this unfavorable habit.

Eat the dishes in turn.

Instead of putting all the products on the table, do the serving of each dish separately. Start the meal with some soup or a light salad, or eat some vegetables first. When you start a meal with a light meal, your body will be easier to get enough of a much smaller amount of calories.

Create the right atmosphere

Soft light and measured music, as a rule, help to reduce the rate of consumption of food. There is only one drawback - the time of the meal will increase.

Food temperature

From time to time, each person is so hungry that he simply shoves the remnants of food in the microwave and warms them up quite a bit. When the food is extremely hot, you, of course, eat much more slowly. And if you are forced to cool every spoonful of borscht or soup, then the rate of use of the dish will noticeably decrease.

First chew one portion, then take the next one.

During the next meal, try to turn your attention to the fact that fast-eating people have such a habit: they do not chew the last portion until the end; they are already reaching for the next one. In the event that you have this habit, remember one simple rule: first you need to completely chew food, swallow it, make another batch, and then repeat everything from the very beginning.

Take a short break in the middle of the meal

Take a short pause around the middle of the meal. Drink some water, talk - just stop for three or four minutes. Try to feel how hungry you are at the moment. It is likely that your feeling of hunger is already quite satisfied. UNIQUE CASINO