Self-motivation: need more!

Set clear goals.
Better write them in a diary or notebook.
The work of consciousness is set in this way, it quickly works on a specific task, and does not spend a lot of extra time on understanding the goal.
Praise yourself.
Do this when after each goal achieved. Praise should be, this is the "carrot" in the well-known method. But only in moderation will it be beneficial. The most important thing is not to relax from the realization that you have already done a lot.
Accept failure.
Failure is the result of only our actions and actions, and nothing more. Fear of surviving failure is the main enemy of motivation.
With each defeat, we get one step closer to the goal. Work daily on yourself and you are guaranteed success.
Learn to say no.
This will solve a lot of worries. The simple word "No" will free from a huge number of obligations. Naturally, if it is supported by action. Every day we commit many empty and unnecessary actions simply because we have promised to someone. Promise to fulfill only what you intend to complete and is really important to you.
Do not waste in empty time. This is the most important irreplaceable resource.
Beware: energy vampires.
Avoid energy vampires even if you have to stay at home more often.
Do not visit companies where skeptics and pessimists will surround you. Their negativity is passed on to you. Here at the very time to apply the rule of one of the points above. Say no to hanging out with them.
Put a reminder on your phone.
Use reminders. Start your morning with a self-written motivation. Support your mood with a phrase that will stimulate you towards your goal.
Chat with positive people.
Sad and always aching acquaintances will not influence your motivation and desire very well. People who radiate positive will charge you with energy and bring positive emotions.
Talk about your goals and objectives.
Share your goals with friends and family. This will give a degree of responsibility that will properly move you forward towards your goal. However, one must be careful: after all, sometimes this rule acts contrary to. Not every person deserves to share secret plans with him.
Work on yourself and encourage, broaden your horizons. With a positive worldview, it will be much easier to move towards the goal! Rating online casinos: Play and win!