Safety Advice for Students Traveling Abroad

If you are contemplating the thought of studying abroad, you will need to plan ahead and take care of a lot of travel logistics, accommodation issues, security matters, and financing problems. Hopefully, you will find the right kind of information on our website and get started on the right track. You are preparing for a wonderfully fulfilling knowledge journey ahead, so you will want to make sure that there is nothing stopping you from reaching your goals. Your health and safety should always come first, even when you are traveling or studying in a foreign country. Here are a few tips hat should help you not miss out on your unique cultural experience because you have been robbed or you are stuck in bed with a travel-related illness.

Safe and Healthy Travel Tips

• Try to get in touch with a doctor who is familiar with travel medicine. Do it at least one month prior to your leave. Get all the right vaccinations and medicines according to your medical file and your travel location.
• Search for health practitioners in the country/city/area where you are getting ready to go and save their numbers in your phone.
• Learn first aid and make sure you pack a travel health kit.
• Try to get travel health insurance and evacuation insurance if you will need medical care during your study-abroad program.
• Respect all personal hygiene rules while abroad and use alcohol-based hand sanitizers prior to eating.
• Search for emergency locksmith services in the country/city you will be traveling to. You never know when you might accidentally lock the keys from your rental apartment or car in, with no spare key at hand. Emergency locksmiths can pick any type of lock, no matter how simple or complex, and most of them do it at fast speeds and affordable rates. So instead of trying to get back into your apartment by climbing a nearby tree and risk injuring yourself from a fall, you should rely on experts in their field. If you plan on traveling to the United States to study, you will have the chance to discover a lot of locksmiths ready to help. Make sure you research a few companies that are licensed, authorized, and insured/bonded for high quality services. Websites like will introduce you to a quality locksmith services that is available nationwide and on a nonstop basis for its emergency lockout services. Take a look at their list of residential, automotive, and commercial services and check out their price list so you can know what to expect to be charged. Don't worry, their prices are some of the smallest on the market, so it is worth saving their number in your phone.
• Periodically check your locks for any faults and issues that could make your door/home more vulnerable in the hands of potential intruders. Install deadbolt locks if you can afford them, or negotiate with your landlord and work something out.
• Always ask for identification when letting a person in via the intercom buzzer, especially when you are not expecting anyone.
• Double check if you have locked the front door before going to bed at home or when getting home from school or your part-time job.
• If you can afford it, install at least one monitoring camera and a home alarm system for more peace of mind