Renovation of apartments

The first thing you should pay attention to: the design of the apartment is a reflection of the personality of the owners. Therefore, when you contact us in the NAME, it is desirable that you imagine something specific.
The clearer you can imagine your renewed home, the better we will make your dreams come true. You should be comfortable in the new walls. All your ideas will be taken into account and implemented by us. Now it is not a problem to find photographs of renovated apartments on the Internet. We can also offer you standard and original solutions. The measurer will show you the photos of the apartments that we have repaired. Just choose something for yourself, and we will make the dream a reality. If you have funds for the services of a designer, then we will recommend a proven company that makes real projects, based on your preferences. We do not impose these services, as we strive to do in large campaigns for the repair and decoration of apartments, because they have these employees on staff, and they have to pay salaries. Remember that the interior design should take into account the number of people living in the apartment, age, habit of the occupants of the room, the presence of children and other nuances. Taking this into account, we together achieve the best desired result.
Then you can relax a little, because we take upon ourselves the selection and purchase of rough materials. Our main principle is this: price - quality must be adequate to each other, i.e. it does not make sense to overpay when buying the most expensive materials, especially since the best materials can be bought cheaply, using our savings discounts in campaigns with which we cooperate
The walls can be leveled with KNAUF Rotband universal gypsum plaster with a cost of 360–390 rubles, or a Volma Layer is not inferior in quality to 300–310 rubles each. You say: insignificant savings, but with a consumption of 8-8,5 kg per square meter of surface, with a thickness of 10 mm you will need 10-20 bags depending on the floor space. The same situation is with the use of cement plasters, which are used in bathrooms. It is this minimum plaster thickness (10 mm) that is necessary for high-quality and reliable gluing of ceramic tiles. Before leveling the thoroughly cleaned wall surface is coated with a deep penetration primer. After drying the applied solution too. Now the choice of primers is very large, and the price range is huge. The main thing - do not forget that the pursuit of cheapness also does not bring a positive result. Everything should be reasonable.

By the time you finish preparing the surfaces of the walls and the floor ceiling, you must determine and purchase finishing materials, that is, tinted paints, wallpapers, wall and floor tiles, flooring, doors, in general, everything that should decorate and improve your future living in this room. At your request, we assist in the acquisition and delivery of these important components of the future beauty of the interior. We know how our users love beautiful women. Therefore, we advise you to visit the site and meet girls in free chat MyFreeCams.