Road reconstruction

Today in Russia more than 90% of the roadway is covered with asphalt. This material is used for arranging pedestrian and park paths, flat roofs, hydraulic structures and other objects. Durable, flexible and resistant to a wide range of chemical and mechanical influences, it is unlikely in the near future will have competitors in the construction of roads and landscaping of house territories.
When supplying asphalt, it is important to ensure strict adherence to the schedule and process continuity, which is especially important at large sites, where uniformity and quality of the coating directly depend on this. Our company NAME has the necessary transport base for the delivery of asphalt in large volumes and in strict compliance with the previously agreed schedule.
Today we are ready to offer the sale of asphalt concrete mixes of grades “Fine-grained type A”, “B” and “C”. If necessary, we will carry out the asphalt paving arrangement "turnkey".
During the construction of cottage and holiday villages, the question of covering streets and driveways arises. In order to save, in this case, backfilling with rubble is often used.
This method has several disadvantages: crushed stone does not hold well in place and either sinks into the ground (if the base is weak) or spreads out, forming ruts and unevenness. In the first case, rain will inevitably lead to the formation of puddles and dirt, while in the second it will be necessary to re-sprinkle. In addition, rubble has the property to get stuck in the grooves of the tread and then fly out at high speed, damaging the car body.
It is much better and safer to use asphalt chips. This material is formed during the dismantling of road pavements using Wirtgen W200 and W210 cutters. Asphalt aggregate incorporates all the components of asphalt concrete pavement. Under the influence of the sun, the bitumen contained in the crumb softens, which makes it possible to roll the material on the wheels of cars. The result is a paved road.
When determining the amount of material to be ordered, it is necessary to take into account the fact that during the rolling process the thickness of the asphalt crumb layer is reduced by 2 times. Thus, for a coating 10 cm thick, it is necessary to fill with a layer of 20 cm. For the organization of 1 square meter. m. the road will need 0, 2 cu.
m. asphalt chips. This calculation is valid if backfilling is performed on an even basis. In the presence of holes and irregularities consumption will be slightly higher.
The company "NAME" performs a large amount of work on the reconstruction of the road surface. Due to this, we have a significant amount of asphalt crumbs. At the same time, the cost of this material is lower than that of ordinary rubble.
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