Reviews of the series Sharp Visors, Daredevil and the Justice League Film,

[b] Justice League [/ b]

And what can I say about the & quot; Justice League & quot ;?

Zack Snyder is a genius ...

Excellent soundtrack, a lot of canon, epic and the best angle shooting Gadot. Of course, there are pros and cons in the film, and the haters in the form of Rotten Tomatoes and MARVEL fans, who shout that there is nothing cooler than the Avengers, see in it only cons.

And so, the Batman from Ben Affleck is very cool, rude and even smiles.

Aquaman in the role of Momoa is simply epic, he has not yet decided where he belongs, the earth or Atlantis? The brutal alcoholic we deserve ...

I will not write anything about the Wonder Woman, because Gadot speaks for itself, she is a goddess.

Flash is the main stream of the positive of the whole league, the acting of Ezra Miller was a ray of positive against the background of all those rude facial expressions ...

Cyborg - throughout the film it is different from the canonical comic, but at the end of the film our surprise awaits.

The resurrection of Superman I was very surprised, not in terms of what I did not know that this would happen, but exactly how he was resurrected.

And of course Jay K. Simmons as Jim Gordon who simply gives the canon for kilometers.

 "Sharp peaks" [/ b]

Each of us has seen a large number of TV shows in his life, but the greatest influx of TV shows has come to me in the last few years, because right now there are so many TV shows that you don’t have enough life to revise them all. But not all serials will come to taste to all people, everyone chooses a particular genre, or just watches this or that serial because there is a great actor.

But today I want to express mine about one of the best TV shows I have seen lately - “Sharp Visors”.

The series introduces us to the eponymous gang from the city of Birmingham, in England, where his actions take place in the 20s of the 20th century ... From the first minutes you fall in love with this series, namely because of its soundtrack and the charisma of Thomas Shelby - the main the hero of the series, which played a very cool actor Killian Murphy. In the series is very cool atmosphere, the cast and the plot is very important, with each season it becomes even cooler and makes you experience all the events with the characters of the series ...

Dirty and filled with drugs, weapons, unemployment, the streets of Bernimgem will soon become like relatives to you, because after the first series you want to buy a coat, costume, cap, sew blades to it and go to a pub and drink Scotch whiskey and shoot Italians.

[b] Daredevil - Advocate of Hellish Kitchen [/ b]

I looked at both the Daredevil seasons from Netflix v Marvel, and decided to express my short opinion on this series. As for me, this is one of the best Marvel series, and maybe not only. The series delays just like Jessica Jones. The fighting scenes are not that very super, but put on a level. That there is only a fight of Daredevil with bikers on the stairs, shot somewhere around 5 minutes with one double, or Frank Carl’s stabbing in prison.

The hero Charlie Cox is close to reality. We see how he morally staggers and doubts whether he does right and goes to confession to the priest. We see how he fights against the entire criminal world of the city, how difficult it is and how much strength it takes from him. He is not protected from bullets or knives, every day he goes to work with faguels and abrasions, a couple of times he barely survives after another fight.

It is also interesting to watch the company with Fogg, Karen and Matt. It is interesting to watch their relationships and dialogues. Karen and Fogg can stand up for themselves. Quite good antagonists also came out: Wilson Fisk performed by Vincent D'Onofrio in the first season and the Punisher performed by Bernthal in the second.

Of course in the series there are mentions about other superheroes: Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. In general, the series was pleasantly surprised, of course, there were some minor flaws, but this does not affect the picture as a whole. Therefore, from me a score of 8.5 from 10. EN.LVOV.NATASHAESCORT.COM