Walkthrough Watch Dogs 2 - Motherload (Final)

Attention! In the last mission, you will have to face strong and well-armed enemies. Get the best equipment and the most powerful weapon, as there will be a couple of moments when you have to resort to decisive means.

For a short hacking sequence, you will gain control of Sitar.

The time of the final confrontation with Blum. Go to the hackers headquarters and tell them that you want to begin the final stage of the operation. Marcus has become the most wanted person in the city, so it’s time for the rest of the team to prove their worth. Like Sitara, get to the roof marker. Time for hacking. After that, take control of the camera and steal information from the laptop.

If you want to minimize fighting, you can approach the building from the side.

After everything is done, start the download - more guards will arrive. Destroy them and go to the house next door. Run down the stairs. Blast the wall, get to the servers and destroy them with a grenade launcher.

From here, you can use the jumper.

Return to Marcus. Run straight to Blume headquarters and go down the stairs. Turn right and go up the stairs. Beware of the guards and try to quietly destroy them. Soon after, you will reach your first destination - the access key can be obtained using cameras. Use the jumper, drop it from the balcony and download the information.

Go around the guard, go through the file room and get to another computer.

Now return Marcus to the beginning of the big hall, hide around the corner and release the jumper. Go into the room with the files and sneak up to the computer. Download data. You have to go along the same route with Marcus. Try to destroy as many guards as possible.

In the end, you will reach the stairs, which will lead you to the switch, which unlocks the door under the fountain. You have to get there - it will not be easy to win the battle. If you need help, call 911 or a gang. You can also try just to run forward, but it’s risky ... in the worst case, you will start this level again.

When you reach the elevator, get down and run straight ahead. Open the door and run to the main Blume panel. Then proceed to unlock the servers. This will cause alarm among many well-armed guards. You must defeat them, and then head to the elevator. Once it's over, you will have to fight many enemies again. When they are defeated, you can leave ... this operation, and therefore the whole main plot, is completed. The long arm of justice finally grabbed the CEO of Blume!


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