Mass Effect Passage: Andromeda - Quest: Knock 'Em Down

Find Dr. Kennedy on Voeld

This quest can be continued only after you visit all four systems of colonized planets. You should also look for anomalies that hide tracking devices. After you receive this mission goal, you must land on Voeld and head towards the marker located in the northeastern part of the planet.

Protect the Shuttle of Dr. Kennedy

You can activate turrets to better protect the shuttle.

When you arrive at your destination, you must immediately enter the battle, during which you will alternately defeat Rokaara and Ketta. You must use your abilities and AOE abilities, because you must eliminate large groups of rather weak enemies. You can also use two towers located next to the shuttle. Use nearby terminals to activate them. Fight until all the enemies are defeated so that the shuttle can safely leave.

Contact Addison using vidcon on Tempest

Go back to Tempest and use vidcon to talk with Addison and Dr. Kennedy. During this conversation, you can demonstrate your support for the idea that Kennedy and her child should be closely monitored, or say that they can handle themselves without any control. Alternatively, you can suggest to Kennedy that she can stop at Eos or return to Nexus, but these decisions don't matter. Whatever your choice, the quest will be completed.

Rewards for completing the quest: XP, Andromeda's Vitality Points.

Dragon Nakmor: Other quests

Here you can find walkthroughs for three small quests in Mass Effect: Andromeda related to Nakmor Drack. Both of them are available some time after the completion of the Dragon loyalty mission - Nakmor Drak: the future for our people. All these quests are very short - you have to go to the appointed place and take part in a not very difficult scene.

Nakmor Drack: Knock 'Em Down

How to unlock: Email from Nakmor Drack [Tempest].

In this quest, you can meet with Drak in a bar on the planet Kadara. During the quest, a fight begins, and you can participate in it.

Quest Unlock

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