Postpartum period: the joy of motherhood or a state of depression

Women are a strange creature of nature. Nine months of waiting for a little miracle. Every day a certain percentage of happiness is growing. Here, here and the crumb already on hand. And that wonderful moment comes when the cry of a child is heard.
In some new mummies, a joyful moment suddenly turns into a depressive state. Especially acutely this state is felt after discharge from the hospital, in the native walls of the apartment.
Symptoms of depression:
- mood swings, turning into anger;
- complete apathy to what is happening next;
- communication with the baby does not bring joy;
- manifestation of various types of fatigue;
- not fulfilling maternal duties;
- state of a vicious circle.
Why does a woman get depressed?
This happens from a violation of the physiological processes in the body. After the birth process, there is a sharp reduction in the production of female sex hormones. Everything leads to a negative impact on the nervous system, emotional state, general well-being of a woman.
Depression Timeline
From 1 to 6 months, depending on the following factors.
1. Mom's health.
2. Atmospheres in the family.
3. Supporting close surroundings.
4. Financial position.
Important! Breastfeeding helps to avoid depression. Since the body produces the necessary hormones. There is a close communication with the baby.
Phases of depression
1. Distemper: there are signs of anxiety, but the happiness of having a baby prevails.
2. The first stage: the manifestation of signs of anxiety with a new force.
3. Trans: a woman gets used to this state, stops fighting, takes everything for inevitability. In the presence of this phase, relatives need to sound the alarm.
Ways out of depression
In the presence of trance can only help a doctor. With the blues or the presence of the first stage can be dealt with. Listen to the following tips:
1. Proper nutrition: eat no more than 6 times a day, in small portions.
2. Exercise: as the condition after childbirth is weakened, the load is expressed in daily fast walking, not more than 30 minutes
3. Rest: the help of the environment is necessary here to give my mother the opportunity to fully relax.
4. Experiences: learn to share disturbing thoughts with your husband or relatives, do not keep everything to yourself.
5. Attraction of a specialist: it is necessary to realize the seriousness of the situation and decide to consult a doctor.
In this state, in no case can one resort to folk remedies. Remember that all soothing herbs can negatively affect the health of the baby. Watch the Amateur Arab Sex And beautiful Arab Girls on Arab porn movies Egyptian and Iraqi sex and porn Yemeni and Saudi sex and Gulf sex. Moroccan Algerian Tunisian and every new video Arab sex and amateur porn hot and exciting with the best Arab girls