I was married (female story). Part two

Proud Irka took him to her friends, introduced her, glowing with happiness, and did not even notice with what eyes he looked at these very friends - almost licked his lips. She didn’t notice anything at all! I would not start a conversation about Sergey, if not for my parents. Dad was completely exhausted during this time - it was hard for him to see how his youngest daughter was ruining her life. It was impossible to watch my mother without tears: she called me almost every day and cried into the phone, begging me to somehow influence my sister.

- She loves you, she will listen to your opinion! - Once again, my mother convinced me.

“God, she doesn’t see and hear anyone now, except for her beloved Sergey ...” I sighed, but still promised to talk to Irka.

My sister listened to me with a grim look and said slowly, looking into my eyes:

- Sveta, you probably just envy me, I think so. You are two years older than me, but still not married. And Sergei and I will get married soon. It’s unpleasant for you that I got ahead of you, so you’re angry.

I sighed. And how to explain to this fool that I just do not want to get married yet, but I prefer to make a career first thing? The prospects in our company are good, the boss often sends me on business trips, and therefore I decided to postpone the issue of marriage for later.

But the haste of Irina ... She just killed me. Yes, she’s twenty-five years old, but she’s not forty-five? Does she really think that Sergey is her last chance? Does my own sister really have such a low self-esteem?

- Tell me, Irish, - I tried to speak as softly as possible, - Seryozha is working somewhere now? Or do you still keep it?

She broke out and irritatedly answered:

- It works, of course!

- And where? I continued insistently.

Sister bit her lips, and then reluctantly said:

- We are the guard at the warehouse ... Through the night.

- Clear. So you contain it, ”I sighed.

- Yes, he just can’t do the hard work! - Irka snapped up. - You do not know anything, but say! He suffered a concussion recently, he has such headaches! And could be successful! He was engaged in boxing, a master of sports, he was only condemned at competitions, so he left the sport and started drinking! And the wife cheated!

- Well, I already heard about my wife - I sighed again and looked at my sister with pity. Irka didn’t look the best way: her eyes were sunken, thinner, and a hunted expression firmly settled on her face.

“Irisha,” I took her hands and looked into her eyes, “nevertheless, think carefully again.” Is he really so dear to you? You know him just recently. He uses you. We are locally owned and operated with more than 450+ locations across the country.