Payot Nourishing Face Mask

I met with the Payot brand about a year ago. Today I will share my impressions of the mask.

I will start with the packaging: a very convenient small tube, few manufacturers will not sip 50 ml containers for marketing purposes. It’s convenient to take a trip, it won’t take up much space. Squeezing the product, you can not worry about the cleanliness of the cap, the mask itself does not spread and the closing valve does not squeeze out the product, as sometimes happens.

Ingredients: honey, ginseng extract, royal jelly.
The manufacturer advises using the product 2-3 times a week: apply with a thick layer for 10 minutes and remove the residue with a cotton pad soaked in tonic.

Payot Nutricia Masque Intense Lipid-Boosting Repair Mask

Almost odorless, I caught a light floral (but chemical). It looks like a thick cream-gel of a dull white (starchy) color. It is distributed well and easily, due to the texture of the gel it is very economically consumed. It will last more than 3 months, when used 1-2 times a week.

I read that it is suitable for “awakening” dull skin. On me, the mask manifests itself as an ordinary nutritious one, no color changes, and even more so, awakening did not happen.

How I use it: I apply in the evening with a thin layer on the whole face, avoiding the area around the eyes, stand for about 10 minutes and rinse off with barely warm water or face tonic (I have everything without alcohol). After I apply a drop of the lightest moisturizer to avoid overdose. Sometimes I remove the remains with a dry napkin and apply only eye cream. I wash my face in the morning as usual.

Usually it dries immediately after application, when I spray it with thermal water - I feel tingling, but still it hasn’t stopped. To facilitate washing off, I would advise you to wet your face first with plain water and only then rub it, or with the same thermal water.
Cases of applying this nourishing mask to me: when the skin is dry / sluggish / dehydrated and conventional moisturizers can not cope, it is also necessary after cleaning the pores with an aggressive scrub or a dense clay mask.

My impressions and result: although the wow effect is not observed on me, the skin after use is nourished, pleasant and smooth to the touch. For me, this mask is like a lifesaver in the cold and windy season, but in the summer it does not suit me. This product showed me the difference between moisturizing and nourishing the skin. These are two different universes. It turned out that sometimes, instead of 5 hydration procedures, it is enough to make 1 nourishing one.


slightly moisturizes
economical consumption
easy to distribute

it dries right after application and is not very friendly with my thermal water
Rating: 8 out of 10

Who is suitable at what time of the year: dehydrated, sluggish or weathered skin in the cold season and off-season. For oily skin only in the cold season, as a co-agent after a long flight for any skin. dustbuster