Sandblasting work

Sandblasting is our main profile. The cost of sandblasting - from 190 to 400 rubles per square meter of surface and depends on the complexity of the work and surface characteristics. MosPeskostruy is pleased to offer a sandblast for cleaning metal structures, sandblasting car bodies and construction equipment, sandblasting the facades of buildings, structures made of concrete, bricks and other building materials. Sandblasting can be applied to pipelines, tanks, tanks, masts and supports, towers, bridges. By means of sandblasting, metal structures of hangars, concrete structures of workshops and industrial premises are easily cleaned of rust and dirt, scale and layers of old coatings. Sandblasting can even be carried out on wood products and structures.
The main purpose of sandblasting works is to prepare the surface to be cleaned for the application of anticorrosive paint and varnish, waterproofing or decorative coatings. No modern coating can perform its functions without preliminary surface sandblasting. But sandblasting can also be used as an independent operation for cleaning structures of granite, brick, concrete, stone. from sediment, pollution. The cost of sandblasting work carried out by our company is from 190 to 400 rubles per square meter of surface and depends on the complexity of the work performed and the characteristics of the surface. Sandblasting before applying anti-corrosion or waterproofing coatings increases the service life of the applied materials. Sandblasting is the main stage of surface preparation, the durability of the applied coating will depend on the quality of the sandblasting performed.
The meaning of sandblasting is to clean the surface with a stream of compressed air and particles of quartz sand. By adjusting the air pressure during the work, you can get several degrees of sandblasting, up to the pure metal without foreign inclusions. After sandblasting processing, the surface of the material acquires some roughness, which provides optimum adhesion with applied paintwork. Sandblasting - the most simple and versatile tool for cleaning dirty or corrosive surfaces. The disadvantages of sandblasting include the appearance of large quantities of abrasive dust. Dustless sandblasting works, water sandblasting, and also sandblasting with the use of thermal equipment confidently cope with this problem. The NAME company performs sandblasting works and offers you a choice of various services for sandblasting surfaces of any size, shape and degree of contamination. Our company conducts sandblasting works using the most modern equipment, which allows us to sandblast surfaces with a speed of up to 70 square meters per hour. We guarantee the speed and quality of sandblasting. Our competitive advantages are responsibility and performance. We are waiting for your call. canadian online slots