Features of glass canopies

Glass peaks are an important and effective addition to the entrance group of any building. Their main function is to protect the site at the entrance door from precipitation and bright light. In addition, the glass visors perform an aesthetic function, being at the same time an important element of the exterior of the building. The latest production technology of glass canopies make them reliable and durable: glass canopies do not scratch and can not be broken.

Such visors meet all safety standards during operation: glass has high shock resistance. Even with serious damage, it does not crack, which in turn excludes injuries.

Glass visors are made of high-strength laminated glass, which can not be damaged by precipitation or branches that fell during bad weather. This glass is called triplex. Distinguish tinted, transparent, opaque, and also glass of bent hardened type, which feature is resistance to sudden temperature changes. The number of glasses is determined depending on the size of the visor and the requirements for loads.

Glass is an environmentally friendly, natural material. It is not subject to corrosion, does not decay. Even long-term operation leaves glass refined and durable. And despite the fact that triplex looks to some extent airy and unreliable, in fact, the service life of such glass is much longer than that of other materials, including metal. Tinted glass canopies, among other things, provide additional protection from bright sunlight, which will be the best solution for rooms whose entrance is located on the illuminated side.

Glass visors are quite spectacular and perfectly harmonize with any architectural style, attracting attention and giving any building with solidity and originality, whether it be offices of companies, office buildings or residential buildings. Particularly impressive are the glass visors combined with the entrance glass group.

Peaks of glass can be safely called the most relevant and interesting components of the exterior of the building. Having to some extent a strict design, such visors are original, stylish and aesthetic, which always makes a special impression on its visitors and emphasizes the high status of any company.

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