Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Overview Y8 Game

It would be most correct to frame the review of Human Revolution with a bunch of any inserts with additional materials in which we would competently discuss about cyberpunk, about thematic references, about a ton of Easter eggs. And the whole article would be saturated with enthusiastic spirit - they say that the coolest RPG appeared on the shelves, you need to take all that. Just do not need all this. Devoting materials to the great games that appear every few years is always very, very difficult. And not because the words disappear somewhere, but from trembling hands tremble, like a dentist at the first appointment. Everything is somewhat simpler. Deus exNow everyone is hearing. They pass it, study it in detail, competing, who will quickly “highlight” all the “achievements”. And then they rediscover themselves in search of other ways and solutions. And discuss. They discuss a lot ... In this case, our bunch of text-plus-video reviews is just a confirmation of a common opinion, nothing more. Therefore, I would like to devote a central place to this page to explaining why Human Revolution is worth going through at least once.

We are so used to simple and spectacular games. Almost always we treat them with irony, saying: “Well, empty and simple is fun with special effects - but it's fun!” Less and less shooters along with role-playing, excuse me, epics and all kinds of indie strategies make us think, study, draw parallels with real events of the world. At the head of the gameplay, it is customary now to put entertainment coupled with accessibility. This is when everything seems and looks beautiful, but participation from the viewer requires a minimum. Human Revolution is unique in that it spits on the night city, strewn with neon extensions, on many of the developments and laws of the industry that have formed over the past seven years.

If you relate to the phenomenon of the third Deus Exwith a reasonable degree of skepticism, it can be assumed that the developers made the story of Adam just because they blindly followed the canons of the series, the potential of which is as limitless as cyberpunk itself. Play best Y8 Games at the website. This is partly true. But you need to understand: in the hands of Eidos Montreal there were only general rules for the concept once invented by Warren Spector . Everything else is the team’s personal desire to show the playing world that it is possible and necessary to turn off the path of industry development.

The essence of Human Revolution gameplayit is easy to describe with dry, incinerating by its convincing facts, and in a particular case it will be in her hand. It's nice to talk about such important things as the nonlinearity of each level, the mass of options for the development of events on a separate section of the mission, the endless combination of stealth with "noisy behavior", and to understand that here it all really works at the proper level. The ability to conduct a dialogue with the character most directly affects subsequent events. And if you set someone up, then do not forget that after a few hours the offended simpleton in a fit of rage will put a gun barrel to your head. A rescued terrorist will offer all possible assistance.

The very two-link chain “choice-consequence”, which developers were proud of without modesty, almost always shows its viability. Yes it works. In Deus Ex: Human Revolutionalmost everything works. The plot captivates from the first minutes - events develop on the principle of a snowball, and closer to the middle of the game you will be able to watch the next video with amazing attentiveness and uncharacteristic sensitivity for you. In addition to the central story, there is still a convincing pile of additional ones. Not one of them - really not one! - the language does not turn to be called a side quest. An additional task here is a detective story with a characteristic non-obvious end, full of intrigue and unexpected twists. It doesn’t matter what you have to do - whether to help the exhausted mother find out the truth about her daughter’s death, to adjust the death of an influential Chinese bad man so as to pass away as an accident...

ability to choose the style of passage that suits your temperament suggests a flexible pumping system. Just note that all those beautiful things that Adam Jensen did in trailers, you can try to the fullest. Invisibility, calculating melee, painless landing from any height, ultra-protection and ultra-speed, the ability to see through walls and break them - try, experiment.

With special skill, a desire to explore every nook and cranny and help everyone in the world closer to the middle of the game, the main character will turn out to be a real “universal”. Indeed, experience is accrued for almost any contextual action. Starting from the search for hidden places and ending with the persuasion of especially stubborn intellectuals. Then patient patient how-tos will be able to see for themselves that the campaign can be passed not only by planting each creature in the pool, but also carefully lulling the stupid rotozeys with tranquilizers. And you can both. Or even the third - to crawl through the stuffy "gut" of ventilation, to break open the door lock of the apartment of some extremely important subject, to lock his PDA with passwords and get to the right place at the lowest cost.

Of course, the maximum Human Revolutionreveals with a "secretive" passage. After all, hiding in dark corners, snooping around on rooftops and enemy offices in disguise mode, cutting down everyone stealthily, storing bodies in inconspicuous rooms - all this is secretly required by the atmosphere. But as a shooter, Deus Ex is also quite good. The mass of types of weapons (the fact that individual copies in each category are one thing is not important), well-coordinated work of AI (especially on high complexity), beautiful handling of the hero with shelters and pleasant to hear the sound of shots can instantly turn stealth action into a self-sufficient action movie. And the smart architecture of the levels allows you to combine both modes, leading the guards by the nose at first and brutally cracking down on them with a discharge of shot in the face after long hide and seek among tables, drawers, vending machines with cola and other furniture.

Between the fighting of a different device and style, gorgeous dialogues happen. The fact that you can screw up with the interlocutor and involuntarily silence him is true. We advise you from the very beginning to improve the chip responsible for personality analysis and selecting the right channel for communication. So finding out secrets will be more fun, and convincing - easier. Conversations generally paid a lot of attention. Even those in which you directly can not participate. Do not hesitate to listen to the chatter of the townsfolk - so they will share valuable information with you (where, what, from whom and how to steal), and just wrap fresh gossip on your ears. Communication with key characters is initially shoved into commercials, but, again, closer to the middle, more and more often veritable duels will occur in Jensen.

But after all, there’s an attempt to do something in the name of an attack on the office of Sarif Industries, which threatens to be the beginning of a series of events, the description of which should be safely omitted for “anti-spoiler” reasons. Waiting for a beautiful cyberpunk story, but not previously tempted to study such works, a most pleasant surprise awaits. Well, players who saw the first two Deus Ex and revisited Descartes' love story for the Nexus 6 will be slightly disappointed. Because they, as fans of the genre, will not discover anything fundamentally new to themselves - they will only admire the work of scriptwriters on juggling truths long accepted in the appropriate cultural environment.

Technophiles-aesthetes will remain in perplexity. Warren Spector Seriesalways was not about beautiful graphics. The first part at the time of its release was considered hopelessly outdated - fans of the selfless eradicate injustice by replacing textures, sounds and everything that lends itself. "Audio" in Human Revolution did not disappoint - noisy cities are saturated with natural sounds through, and atmospheric and "dense" ambient smooths out the impression of at first glance not the best picture. But did she really dislike someone with such a design? ..

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is extremely atypical for a role-playing game of the 2011 model year. It is too complex, stylish, requiring a lot of attention, not deprived of a beautiful story with interesting additional tasks and great dialogs, very smart and quite long. A working alloy from several genres at once, a beautiful fairy tale (is it a fairy tale?) About the value of the pristine human essence and convincing proof that sometimes high expectations are justified. One has only to believe. Believe you too. Discover Deus Ex if you haven't already.

Pros: great storyline; thoughtful and non-banal secondary tasks; interesting dialogue system; integrated combat system with stealth, melee and gunfights; a delightful atmosphere and an indescribable feeling that the very same, real Deus Ex; and there are no gays here.
Cons: you can indicate in the comments - our hand did not rise.