Review of the game Apex Legends (PS4)

First of all, the sensational mechanics of marking individual things were prepared, supported by the dialogues of our characters. We mark the enemies, individual objects in the locations, we offer a place to move on the map, we indicate specific items to collect, and the characters comment on this, providing the necessary information. Due to this, the whole team has the necessary knowledge, even in respect of such details as the place where the sniper rifle scope with a certain level of difficulty is hidden. If a team member points to the point at which he or she proposes to move, others can also click on it, agreeing to the maneuver, and the characters signal the voiced questions accordingly. After a week of fighting with friends and completely random people, I have to admit that the system works, and there are no problems with understanding the intentions of the comrades.

This issue of cooperation does not end there. Apex Legends has several other solutions to improve the Battle Royale formula, and one of them appears before the first shot. I'm talking about a typical screenshot of the players, which in this case comes from a certain aircraft. After completing the selection of players, a random player is assigned the function of a jump commander, through which he can decide when a team will be thrown onto the map, and direct the flight of the entire team to a selected point. could easily see where others are going. We get the same choice: to land in a quiet corner of the arena and collect resources, or immediately take the opportunity to jump into battle.

In addition, each team member has the opportunity to disconnect from the commander, which in the case of players with significant skills can have an interesting use if the three participants follow different instructions using some unusual tactics. Our determination plays a big role here, because sometimes, having jumped out first, we can drive away individual teams from a given area, and in long-term indecision to avoid quick contact with rivals, we leave places with bad weapons and objects. It is worth remembering that the places were classified in terms of the quality of the objects found, so in this case, knowledge of the map is another key element of fun. Effective movement between areas is very important here.

It is worth noting that the labeling system is available even when we are injured and can not fight, and crawl only in anticipation of CPR from the interlocutor. We can still mark the position of the enemy, despite the fact that we are not at war. credit card dumps