New Era Game Review

Do you want to quickly move your brains, and not smash the keys convulsively with your fingers? Do you want to build ingenious battle plans, predict the actions of the enemy and break his tactics with your countermeasures?

In New Era, you can feel like a hero of an incredible and exciting fantasy world! An endless variety of battlefields and hordes of bloodthirsty, terrifying monsters!

Sophisticated and unique combat system that has no analogues! Each fight is divided into rounds, and each round in turn is divided into phases - the walking phase and the fighting phase. In the walking phase, you can move your character or cast a spell.

Any action you take is done right there. In the battle phase, you will need to choose whether to attack you, or defend yourself, or maybe better to cast a combat spell? All actions selected by players in the combat phase are performed after the end of the phase. The time of each phase is strictly limited.

To make it easier for you to choose, we will tell you briefly about each class.

Barbarians. The strongest wars of Aquillion, whose thirst for blood and rage makes them mortally dangerous opponents for any class. Which way to go is up to you. Barbarians can perfectly wield both with two-handed axes chopping the enemy’s armor, like a walnut, and light tomahawks, one precise throw of which can kill your opponent without even giving him a chance to approach you. Or maybe you prefer spears and long-arm halberds, giving you an advantage in distance?

Rangers. Clever masters of silent murder. Some of them prefer bows made by dark gods and smear their arrows in the strongest poison. For others, the arrows, which are conspired by mystical spirits, fly out from skillfully carved elven bows and always reach their goal. These arrows are able to get a squirrel in the eye, and what can we say about people? Well, some of them prefer such rare and exotic weapons as poisonous katars and chakrumes.

Shield Masters Professionals defensive combat style. Why waste your strength when you can turn the power of the enemy against him? Block his blow with a wide shield, dive under the enemy and stick a short sharp dagger between the protective plates of his armor. And if they are trying to shoot you from afar, then close yourself with a shield from arrows and at the moment when the enemy will reach another arrow, throw a shuriken at him with a masterful throw. And why shy away from the magical lightning that flies at you, when you can, by substituting a shield, reflect it into the caster?

Juggernauts. These huge giants clad in the strongest armor. They have the endurance of giants and are able to regenerate their wounds literally before our eyes. But, in spite of their huge size and heavy armor, they still remain quite agile and capable of giving a worthy response to every blow of the enemy. Some of them are wearing black, like pristine darkness itself, and armor, and in their hands they hold huge serrated swords, tearing flesh and leaving huge wounds. From their one type, magicians begin to tremble and stutter, which is why they are not able to pronounce their spells correctly, and the priests can forget them altogether. The other part went the other way. They began to defend the weak, covering them with their huge body from the blows of the enemy. They always bring light and hope and are ready to sacrifice their lives for you.

Magee. Masters of all elements and the most skillful illusionists. Capable in one word to cause a powerful storm, with one careless gesture to bring down a hail of fiery meteorites on enemies, with one thought to move objects. These are powerful magicians whose spell power is so great that it just pierces any magical barriers of the enemy. These are great sages with an almost unlimited supply of magical energy. These are necromancers who, with the effort of their own will, return fallen warriors from the next world, so that they can continue their battle under their command. They are wizards from whose fingers lightning flies, burning whole detachments of enemies.

The priests. Carrying the words of the gods. Armored, with huge war hammers, maces or flails. Here only each of them worships their gods. Shamans who worship the gods of darkness and destruction, send terrible disease on the army of opponents. The whole army is in agony writhing from the plague that is corrupting living flesh. Despair and weakness are in the air of that army. And only a true warrior of light can save them — the priest of the word of God, constantly praying for his flock. Inspiring them and strengthening the morale of the army. With just the touch of his hand, he is able to heal any wounds.

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