About the timing of the hounds

The Department of Hunting Management of the Ukrainian SSR informed the Kharkiv Regional Council of the Ukrainian Society of Hunters and Fishermen (UOOP) that, in coordination with its Scientific and Technical Council (NTS), the time of the hounds of dogs is shifted from 15 / VI, as it was until now, to 1 / ІХ.

Changing the timing of the leash is motivated mainly by the need to preserve the young hare, Unfortunately, this event should be based on the failure of another event concerning the hunting dog breeding.

Some hunters who do not have their hounds, and most importantly, never nagging them, are deeply mistaken, believing that every hound destroys all living things when it comes to hunting grounds.

It is necessary to keep in mind two categories of dogs: mongrel yard dogs, most often living unsupervised, semi-stray, earning themselves food by catching young hares, searching for eggs of wild birds, chicks, etc., and pedigree dogs, valuable, who find daily care and care from their owners. Such dogs are raised (trained) and, being, as they say, in the hands of a hunter, they never cause the harm that stray dogs do.

Postponing the time of the hounds to 1 / ІХ does not guarantee that by this time there will be no young hares. Young animals come across in large numbers in September and even in October, November.

It is only necessary to take into account that, having raised a young hare, the dog will chase, but now it will also become silent, as the hare, having made a few meters in a straight line, rushes to the side and immediately lies down. Hound rushes and begins to search, making more and more circles, gradually moving away from the sunken hare. This manner of finding a lost hare is characteristic of the breed hound, unlike the mongrel and mutts, who usually dig in one place and sometimes find and even catch them. Thus, summertime hound raids cannot cause any significant damage to the population of hares.

At the same time, the question should be asked whether there is enough time for a hound with 1 / IX to prepare it for the tests, taking into account that the hounds belong to workers and employees who have a day off for the search only a day off, and not everyone.

We have already reached the point that one memory remains of those hounds who were putting together a hare; if the hounds, who drove for 30-10 minutes, threw a hare, then such dogs were previously rejected, and now they are awarded diplomas in field trials.

Considering the need to improve the field quality of the hounds, Kharkiv hunters asked them to allocate land for year-round scum hounds. If we assume at the same time that some insignificant percentage of the young stock of a hare will be destroyed in the designated areas, then in this case the goal will be justified.

It is necessary to mention that former hunter society VUSOR was allocated to Kharkov hunters before 2 sites - "Cold Mountain" and "Checks" for year-round catch of hounds, but without the right to shoot even the permitted time for hunting. As a result, the hares in these lands bred such an amount that in the 4th year the question was raised about the partial shooting of livestock, since an excessively large number of hares interfered with the dog races, especially the packs and packs. It may seem strange for some "hunters", but you cannot get away from the truth.

Taking this opportunity, I consider it appropriate to bring such a fact: in Ukraine, the VUSOR company once banned hunting with greyhounds and even deprived them of the right to participate in exhibitions and broods. The motive for such a tough production was a decrease in the number of the hare. As a result of this “event,” the greyhound dog did not become in Ukraine, but there are still no hares.

The same fate awaits here and the breed of hounds. They will sit on a leash for several years and gradually, from generation to generation, will lose their field qualities. What then can we expect from the offspring?

But it would be possible to hunt with greyhounds, and, as experience has shown, to year-round scoop up hounds of dogs, and to have a large number of hares, and to carry out a plan for harvesting fur. For this we have all the possibilities.

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