MLA Format Sample Paper and Helpful Tips

The MLA format establishes the basic composition for research papers and essays as follows:

  • The last name of the author and the page number must be indicated in the header of each page one-half inch from the upper part.
  • The front page is not obligatory, but if it requested it must contain:
  • - the author's name

    - the professor's name

    - the name of the course

    - the date

  • The page margins must not exceed one inch.
  • All paragraphs must have double line spacing.
  • All citation sources must be placed on a separate sheet at the end.

    For your convenience, please see the following illustration of the MLA sample paper.


    Last name 1

    Your name

    The name of the professor

    The title of the course


    The Title of the Written Work

    Start the writing with something interesting regarding your topic, after that narrow the topic to lead into the thesis statement of the paper. MLA papers should always be double-spaced. The margins must be one-inch. Times New Roman is the recommended font, preferably size 12. The beginning of each paragraph must be sectioned half an inch. The text will flush left. The thesis statement must be the closing sentence in the opening paragraph.

    The paragraphs of the main body will provide detailed information that supports the thesis proclamation. Information about the sources can be displayed here as well. Each paragraph should have a topic, analysis, and conjunction/transition sentences.

    The Works Cited page will be on a separate page after the final paragraph of the paper. Create a separate page by inserting a page break using ctrl enter. List every entry in alphabetical order by the first word of the entry. If the first word is an article, use the second word. If no author name or pseudonym is available, the name of the work is listed first. Format the entries with hanging indents. In other words, the first line of every entry must be flushed left with subsequent lines indented from the left margin half an inch. If the source is a webpage, list the internet link or the DOI (abbreviation for Digital Object Identifier) number.