The best rims: stamped, cast or forged

For a more accurate answer to this question, you need to study the characteristics of these discs and their differences.
Stamped discs
The discs made by stamping a metal two-component sheet are classic, and at the same time are standard equipment on almost all cars, regardless of manufacturer. Usually these wheels come as standard in many car models. They have a considerable mass, which is reflected in fuel consumption, also reduces the life of the suspension. When the paint and varnish coating comes off, the disc instantly becomes rusty, it does not look very good. The relatively low price and maintainability of iron stamped discs give them positive consumer characteristics.
The distribution of alloy wheels is perhaps the highest among all the varieties in question. Many brands of modern cars are equipped with alloy wheels.
The main material here is an alloy of aluminum and magnesium.
In the first embodiment, the disks are made of various aluminum alloys.
Backpressure / pressure casting. This option is used to produce discs from magnesium and its alloys.
Cast wheels have a significantly lower weight compared to stamped ones, as well as greater ductility (by 150-200%) and strength (by 20%). They save fuel, extend the life of the suspension. In the event of a crack, such a disk will simply have to be thrown out. Alloy wheels are difficult to repair. When choosing alloy wheels, remember that the tread width should be 20-30% greater than the width of the disc.
Forged wheels
This type of discs are produced by machining, by artificial aging of the metal, then quenching and hot stamping are used.
There is no doubt about the quality, since they are created by artificial aging of the material, as a result of machining, with subsequent stamping and hardening of the metal. But it allows you to create a tough, solid base for the drive. Its weight is 3 times less than stamped, 1/3 cast.
It is worth noting that the manufacture of forged disc is significantly different from the production of other types of discs. Forged wheels are made by a method that is very different from the method of production of the above disks. It turns out a metal product with a fibrous pattern.
The main advantages include increased resistance to rust, reliability and strength characteristics. The disadvantages include high cost, not a rich selection of modifications, due to the complexity of the manufacturing process. 4K movie in Ultra HD 2160p download 4K movie for UHDTV and PC. Original RIP movie 4K Ultra HD.