Cinnamon and honey to help health - 15 recipes for various diseases

This product is an effective tasty remedy for the treatment of a large number of diseases. It can be used in order to prevent, so as not to get sick prematurely. Honey consists of beneficial properties and is considered a good remedy for long-term prophylactic treatment. The recipe of the product is quite simple, you need to mix honey and cinnamon in the ratio of 5 to 1 and you can enjoy this delicious medicine. Due to the necessary qualities of the “tasty medicine”, many people add honey and cinnamon to their diets every day, making prevention of the vital functions of their own organism.
There is a fairly large number of recipes for honey with cinnamon - that's 15 of them.
1. Eating a small amount of honey every day with cinnamon can take care of the prevention of heart disease, in particular, will protect against heart disease.
2. Helps with daily fatigue and powerlessness, adding honey with a glass of water and a little cinnamon to your diet, taking it in the morning before eating can increase the functional properties of the body.
3. It is a good means of preventing joints, using one glass of water with tasty medicine many times a day.
4. Eating a few cups of cold water with honey and cinnamon helps reduce cholesterol, and those who use pure honey complain much less about cholesterol.
5. This product is able to significantly increase the protective qualities of the body, which contribute to the reduction of viral and bacterial diseases.
6. Taking a couple cups of water with the addition of a few spoons of sweet medicine, helps to reduce the incidence of bladder.
7. The composition of the drug with the addition of olive oil, then washing your head, protects against hair loss.
8. Mixed honey with cinnamon in equal proportions can cure fungal diseases, as well as infections that affect the skin.
9. Mass consisting of a ratio of 3 to 1, helps get rid of acne on the skin of the face, as well as other parts of the body. Disposal time ranges from 10 to 15 days.
10. The proportion in the ratio of 1 to 2, reduces the severity of the stomach, ensuring reliable digestion of heavy food.
11. This “tasty medicine” is used when overeating food, after which the stomach swelling begins.
12. Rinsing the mouth with this composition retains a pleasant smell in the mouth for the whole day.
13. Adding to the diet of the product in the ratio of 1 to 4, you can cure colds.
14. Mixing honey and cinnamon in equal proportions, you can lubricate sore spots in osteochondrosis and bruises.
15. Consuming a couple of glasses of water with the addition of honey and cinnamon in the ratio of 1 to 4, can prolong youth, reducing the rate of aging.