What shoes are in fashion this summer

Summer, sea, beach and ... of course, sandals. The boundless imagination of modern designers offers us to plunge into the ocean of fresh styles, shapes and styles. From such an extravaganza of colors and combinations, the heart begins to beat more often, and the eyes run in different directions. Therefore, it is time to discuss the summer shoes of 2019 in terms of materials and textures that designers loved most.

Thanks to modern industry, we do not know the lack of a wide variety of fabrics, textures and materials. And each season, one or another of their representatives, options and combinations come out to the fashion arena. This summer can be considered one of the most unusual and interesting in terms of what materials are used and in what combinations.


This season, patent leather shoes are more popular than ever. And although summer shoes and sandals from this material are not suitable for all occasions, we can easily find a worthy place in our wardrobe. Lacquer shoes from the summer collection is replete with bright colors and attracts with candy shades. So you want to eat it.

 This season, most of summer collections of famous designers are dedicated to sweet tooths.


Yes, yes, this material also found use in the shoe industry. Strange as it may sound, but in the new season we will wear plastic shoes. The special honor is shoes with plastic heels. On the female leg, this completely non-shoe material looks interesting and startling. In modern processing of brilliant designers, of course. For lovers to experiment and try out all the fashion tips in practice it is recommended to pay attention to models with transparent heels. As an additional decorative effect, it is permissible to add color — a transparent blue or green heel will definitely become the centerpiece of your summer look.


The next in the list of materials-favorites is metal. It is present in many collections of modern designers. Only not in the form of familiar buttons and aggressive colors, but in slightly different variations on the subject. For example, the metal heel fell in love with fashion designers. Thin graceful metal stud not only is durable, but also looks great on the leg.

 Metal plates, defiantly covering the entire front surface of the foot, are also held in high esteem. This design looks both massive and gorgeous. Of particular interest are summer shoes with a metallic toe. Came in the summer from last season, they are still relevant.


Atypical for summer shoes material, this season came to designers to taste. And so that he ceased to be associated with the warm seasons of the year, he was painted in bright colors. Yes, even combined them in some fancy way within the same model. It turned out very summer. Find alternatives to SolarMovie , as well as reviews, features and pros & cons of SolarMovie. Find your best replacement here.