How to choose a comfortable baby shoes

Comfortable children's shoes contribute to the proper development of the growing child's ankle. At the same time, its originality and style are also important for raising a sense of fashion and beauty. Such features must be taken into account when choosing comfortable, practical and beautiful shoes for a child of any age.

Among the criteria for choosing shoes for children, the most significant from the point of view of orthopedists are the following:

the presence of an orthopedic insole with an arch support that supports the inner zone of the foot;

the heel should be rigid, fixing the correct position of the foot;

shoes, sandals, sneakers, shoes or boots should be equipped with a slight rise in the heel area (this may be a small heel or thickening of the sole);

when choosing winter shoes, it is advisable to give preference to boots or boots that clearly fix the ankle joint;

Children's shoes must be stable, with a grooved non-slip sole. It must be purchased after fitting, which will make it possible to ensure that the foot size is consistent with both the width and the length.

From an orthopedic point of view, it is considered wrong to purchase shoes for a child “for growth”, since inconvenience in movements can lead to discomfort or injury during walking or outdoor games.

Children's shoes: a review of popular brands

Among the many brands of shoes for children, the leaders in popularity are the following:

Ecco. This is a comfortable and practical shoes for any season. For more than 50 years in a row, it has not lost its position in the world market due to its high quality, good quality, stylish performance and exclusive models.

Viking. Sports style, ease of putting on, stability and originality - all this is the main characteristics of the Norwegian brand. Particularly noteworthy is the winter collection of the season 2018–2019, represented by insulated, but light and comfortable boots and velcro boots. The use of membrane insulation allows you to reliably protect the feet of the child from freezing or hypothermia.

Keen. The shoes of this brand are thought out to the smallest details both in design and in ensuring comfort. Each model is equipped with anatomical insoles, a stable corrugated sole, a protective system against impact or damage, and an effective insulating membrane and fur insulation are used for winter shoes.

Other popular brands include Miss Grant, Microbe, TOM.M and Borelli. porn