How to decorate a holiday table

The hassle of preparing refreshments is behind, it remains only to decorate the festive table and dishes. In this matter, you need to bet on design. First, we take up the design of the table itself. If the reason to invite guests is serious enough, you can’t do without a traditional fabric tablecloth. If you set the table or gather old friends at your place, you can add a touch of variety with colored disposable tablecloths. They look very impressive, and if you select napkins and stands for dishes to them, the table will look very elegant.
Textile decor.
* If there is no decent tablecloth in the house, do not despair. As such, for one evening you can use a beautiful piece of fabric or add an old short tablecloth with a fun frill to the floor, sewing it literally "on a living thread".
* The only white tablecloth on the table is a strict and solemn, but not the most fashionable option. Diversify it with a second smaller tablecloth of colored or lace fabric. It can be put in the same way as the bottom, but it will look more interesting, laid by a corner. Or take a narrow, long linen towel. There will be time - decorate its edges with multi-colored mouline thread pompons.
* If you have a lot of napkins, lay them around the perimeter of the countertop so that each succeeds the corner of the previous one.
* If the number of napkins does not exceed the number of guests, put them near the plates, intercepting with a decorative ring. If you do not have napkin rings in your household, instruct the children to twist them out of decorative wire and beads. Today it is one of the most fashionable design options for the table. However, you can simply dress the napkins with satin ribbons. American pumpkin pie

Finishing touch.
The most trivial dishes will become festive if you spend some time decorating them.
* A deep dish, previously lined with lettuce (plants), and then filled with lettuce (culinary creation), looks very elegant.
* You can "crown" a salad or stew with a vegetable flower. In stores, you can find special devices that help turn a tomato, apple or other fruit into two beautiful lilies. If you make lilies from onions, you will get several flowers at once, because the layers of the bulb are easily removed from one another, like nesting dolls. Fill the onion lily with peas, caviar or just finely chopped boiled carrots and it will decorate your table better than any overseas delicacy.
* From boiled beets wonderful roses are obtained. Take a strong peeled root vegetable and begin to cut a thin layer from it with a sharp knife as if you are peeling an orange. Roll the resulting "ribbon" in the form of a flower and decorate with branches of greenery, for example, mint leaves.
* Do you know how to chop sausage? That's right, not in circles, but slightly obliquely so that the slices are oblong. Just cut a fresh cucumber into thin slices, and then cut each of the resulting ovals along the center, but not to the end. Dilute the "legs" of cucumber slices in different directions and stick them in a hill of salad or mashed potatoes - you will get a very nice border.
* Cheese and ham are difficult to chop, especially in a hurry.
Use a special device with a thin metal string for cutting. The thickness of the slices is regulated by one turn of the nut. Lay them, bending in the form of flower petals.