How does child behavior depend on needs? Needs for the Maslow pyramid.

Smoke without fire. So there is always a reason for child tantrums. The external expression - something was forbidden, not given, something really wanted. From the inside everything is much more complicated. This can be understood by knowing the basics of psychology and examining negative behavior through the prism of needs.
Maslow's pyramid needs system.
Need - some kind of desire, need of a person. The well-known psychologist Maslow considered desires through the pyramid:
1. The basis, the foundation is - physiological;
2. The need for security;
3. Acceptance and love;
4. Socialization;
5. Self-actualization.
For greater understanding, you should submit the pyramid and conditionally divide it into 5 parts by horizontal lines, hence the name “Maslow Pyramid”.
How it works?
First of all, a person has physiological needs: to eat, sleep, fix needs, be healthy. It is necessary to analyze whether the child does not want to sleep, whether he is tired, how he feels, whether he is full or hungry. Without satisfaction of these desires it is difficult to remain calm, even in the most comfortable conditions.
If everything is normal with the first stage, you need to make sure that the baby is calm for his safety, maybe he is afraid that something is threatening him. Not satisfying such a need can get fears, aggression and a number of problems. Naturally, he will no longer be worried about the higher stages of the pyramid, for example, as communication and cognition. But the need for acceptance and love will come to the fore, and the child will simply “stick” to his adult.
When this happens, a small person begins to demand increased attention. Here it is necessary to give this attention, hug, praise, be interested in his affairs, make it clear that he is important and loved, otherwise it is fraught with "bad" behavior, disobedience, to at least somehow compensate for the attention of parents.
And only when these basic needs are satisfied, such as socialization and self-actualization appear. Although they are entered into the system hierarchically, they can be attributed to one level.
While the crumb is small enough for him that mom and dad are worn with him. Higher needs arise from about 4 years of age, when joint games are obtained, roles are distributed, and positions are occupied in a team. If everything is not smooth, there are protests, revolts, isolation appears. He can take the position of "clown" and others.
 Through this system, you can explain any behavior. After finding out where the frustration takes place, it is necessary to take all measures to eliminate it. Temecula Ca-based electrician services