What dreams lily of the valley?

Traditionally, lilies of the valley are considered May flowers and belong to the zodiac of Gemini. These fragile and tender flowers in reality are a symbol of tenderness, femininity and the brightest feelings. But, as you know, in a dream the value of many elements can vary significantly. And the dreamed lily of the valley can mark both good and bad events in the life of the dreamer.
According to Miller, lilies of the valley in a dream warn of the danger of adultery on the part of a dear person. If you had a chance to collect these fragile flowers in your sleep, then you should expect replenishment either in your own family, or in the family of your closest friend. If the collection of lilies of the valley dreamed of a pregnant girl, the baby will grow strong and successful. If the flowers were in a vase, the dream speaks of a possible disappointment. Before which there will be a short period of joy and fun.
According to the dream book of the famous magician Yuri Longo, lilies of the valley in their dreams speak of trouble or sad events that may happen to the dreamer in the near future. Moreover, precisely because of them a person can feel abandoned and lonely. It is necessary to have patience and survive the black stripe.
According to the Big Family Dream, if a person feels the scent of lily of the valley in a dream, we can expect a frivolous disease. But if the dreamer breaks or eats a lily of the valley flower, it is worth examining the condition, there may be hidden serious diseases. Also, such a dream warns about the appearance of not the most honest rules of people around the dreamer. If the flowers in a dream have faded, then we should expect coolness between the partners.
According to Freud, if the flowers of the lilies of the valley dreamed of an innocent person, she was afraid of losing her virginity before the due time. If such flowers have dreamed of a woman who has already taken place, then this is a signal that it is time to rethink your sex life and not change sex partners so often. If a woman tears flowers in a dream, then subconsciously she is attracted by the process of self-satisfaction and the study of her body. If a girl in a dream trampled flowers, then the partner is interested in her only in the physical sense to meet their own needs. The trampled flowers according to Freud indicate unequal relations between partners in the intimate and personal plans.
If a dream happens to observe the flowering of lilies of the valley, then the dream promises the acquisition of a long-desired thing. If you dream that a person gives someone flowers, you should change the attitude to the person who was presented with a gift. Take a look at the best uk online casino right now!