Skateboarding history

The history of the skateboard is not as long as it may seem at first: it was invented around the fifties by California surfers, and at first it was a land cross between surf and rollers (local craftsmen simply twisted the wheels from rolls to surf). The idea itself was not seriously perceived, and the boards were used only for movement. At that time it was considered a great achievement to just slide down a hill or drive around a fixed object without falling. In spite of this, the idea was good, and in 1963 (4) the company "qua; Makaha" quot; the production of professional boards was adjusted. The & quot; SUPER SURFER SKATEBOARD TEAM & quot;

Less than ten years later, the skate almost completely changed its appearance: polyurethane wheels, as well as changing the shape of the suspension made it much more adapted to various tricks, and in 1981 information about the competition appears in the media, which leads to a new wave of interest to this sport.

Only two years after the release of & quot; to the public & quot; articles began to be published by Transworld Skateboarding magazine (you could subscribe to it), clothes designed specifically for skateboarding appear. Very quickly their leaders were identified, who performed the most difficult tricks and thought out new ones. Perhaps, Tony Hawk can be called the most-most, thanks to the absolutely insane jumping games of which skateboarding began to rapidly gain popularity. The series of computer games released by him only accelerated the process.

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In the USSR, skateboarding appeared much later, in the nineties. The main boom struck after showing films from distant America: & quot; Clash & quot; and & quot; Reaching the impossible. & quot ;. Imitating the screen heroes, thousands of teenagers rushed to the store to acquire the desired boards. Nowadays, skateboarding is popular not only among young girls, the girls not only keep up with, but sometimes surpass the stronger sex, but also have some rather different directions from each other:

1. Straight, or street skating. The most democratic, hence the popular direction. For it, you only need, in fact, a skate (well, and means of protection, if you use them), everything else: stairs, benches, bins and other obstacles - provides the street.

 There are no special parks in our country, so on the street one can often notice children involved or their “traces” quotes; - the corners of the wooden benches.

2. Pool skating skating in the pool.

3. Werth riding in the ramp height of 4 meters and above.

4. Riding in a mini-ramp (height up to four meters)

Skateboarding is a very, very exciting exercise, and if you have tried at least once, you probably will not be able to exchange it for something else. Free XXXN Videos