The interior in the style of minimalism

The spool is small, but the roads are - the expression is quite suitable for describing one of the most popular styles today - minimalism. Contrary to popular belief, asceticism in the interior is an incredibly powerful, spectacular and attractive stylistic decision. Minimalism is incredibly concise and at the same time accurate and extremely clear.

Having abandoned classical technologies and canons, minimalists choose available materials, neutral tones and uncomplicated forms with a minimum of volume. The basis of the current minimum is a clearly structured and carefully modeled space, motivated solely by considerations of benefit.

Light is often diffused, giving a feeling of internal luminescence of surfaces. To increase the internal space of the room is freed from all non-bearing internal partitions. Huge windows are nothing but a thin, barely noticeable line between external and internal, it allows you to create the feeling of the presence of the “big world” inside the room.

Minimalism, without exaggeration, the brightest and at the same time the most ambiguous stylistic phenomenon of the XX century.

A modest set of interior makes pay more attention to their quality and value. The color scheme is restrained - it should not distract from the aesthetics of the interior. Usually, this is one or two colors, while in the tandem the main one always remains white, emphasizing the lines of objects. Decorative effect is reduced to zero, instead of it on a pedestal - the functionality that makes housing not only attractive, but also comfortable.

In minimalism, the shape, texture and properties of materials take on particular importance.

To the "minimalistic" materials can safely include this steel, plastics, glass, as well as ceramics, stone and even wood. To reveal the play of textures, a large number of planes are used, which is why the furniture is distinguished by its simplicity and the absence of all kinds of decorations.

Affordable minimalistic furniture is mainly made of plastic and glass that imitate natural stone and wood, the more expensive option is likely to be made of fine wood and decorated with simple geometric fittings and an abundance of bronze, graphite or amalgam mirror surfaces.

Countertops and any other surfaces are made of stainless steel and plastic or artificial stone. Simplicity is peculiar and upholstered furniture.

Instead of heavy curtains, there are light blinds on the windows, soft lighting everywhere and an abundance of ascetic but stylish lamps. Light walls in monochrome color scheme, which can be decorated with inserts of wall panels from natural or artificial materials.

Perhaps the most popular minimalism is Japanese, decorated with a screen, delicate graphics, light fans and, of course, handmade ceramics. Such interiors are very graphic. Norges casino