Playing A-8 Hand of the same suit in online poker

Our ready-made combination of jacks and eights gives us a huge advantage over our opponent, but we still need to adequately assess our chances of winning. Since the opponent on the turn kept calling us, the jack that came out on the river gives us quite extensive information about the opponent’s possible hand. Some variants of the hands that we considered earlier are no longer relevant. Good poker combinations, such as the full house we've got, can still be killed by stronger ones. Thus, we do not forget to once again conduct a thorough analysis of the hands of our rival.
We begin to analyze the jack. The third jack reduces the likelihood that the fourth is the opponent. Despite this, such a probability exists, which means it can have a finished nut combination. The fact that the opponent has a small pair in the range of 2-2 to 7-7 also decreases. Ready-made poker combinations, such as these pairs, do not have enough power, unless they have increased to a set or more. Since the opponent called in response to our turn bet, there is reason to assume that his hands are stronger than a small pair. You should always put yourself in the place of your opponent, think about what you would do if you had one of these pairs on your hands. Call of the first bet could well be a bluff, but the following calls suggest that the opponent’s hand is much stronger. The presence of a full-house opponent - a combination in poker, which has every chance of winning, is quite likely. But even if it is, then most likely our combination will be higher.
What does the eight say? Virtually all hands with eights that could give an opponent the opportunity to call our bets were in the game. Hands like 7-8, 8Т, 8-Q, could form a straight. If the opponent has hands 8 and 9, then he may have a higher full house. Strong poker combinations, such as a draw flush or a draw street, are less likely to occur. Since there was also a potential straight draw on the flop, which should have included nine and ten, it has already become a full house. All the information we have received is now to be used for our benefit. After the jack came on the river, it is already easier for us to evaluate the further development of the game. In addition to the jack, there are only those combinations in poker, which are already very likely to kill us. As a result, we have only two options left on the river - open cards for free by checking or try to make a blocking bet. We can reach the showdown for a minimal cost. Do not try to use a bluff in such a situation - if your opponent has broken hands, he will not make a call, if his hands are stronger, he will not pass. How can events develop at check and block rate? What combinations in poker can an opponent have to bet on in response to our check? The weakest likely hand of the opponent is the winning street with 9 and 10, which has already become a full house to the river. Often, poker players find any full house unbeatable and this is a mistake. Most likely rivals will make a big bet. Such combinations in poker as a full house have one feature; if there is a pair on the table, they can form a ready hand with different values. If the opponent has not collected a full house, then it is quite possible that he will go to the showdown for free and check. With an identical hand - a full house on Jacks and Eights, he will also check. Remember one main rule - if in this situation the opponent makes a bet, we will have to fold our hands. This way we can reduce our losses.
In the case of a blocking bet, the opponent can have such combinations in poker that are stronger than ours. In this case, the opponent will answer us with a raise. We fold to his raise. But if the opponent's hands are weaker, then our block-bet may not work. It is not difficult to understand that the best option in such cases is to play a check. And secondly, doctors being the conservative people that they are, he may be reluctant to prescribe 'off label' that is to prescribe cialis sans ordonnance en ligne for BPH for which it is not as yet licensed.