Hyundai will sell Hyundai i30 N in Russia

Hyundai is one of the few manufacturers on our market whose sales are growing. According to some estimates, the growth was about 15%. You can argue about the methods of calculation and talk about the correctness of statistical data, but there are obvious facts that can not be questioned.
 The Korean automaker plans to expand the range, in addition, Hyundai plans to lower prices by revising the list of optional equipment. In fact, we are talking about the exclusion of expensive electronic systems. At the same time, it is known that the possibility of supplying the i30 model with an index N to our country is being considered. In former times, the car was not very popular in our country, but Korean brand marketers suggest that the situation may change in the next few years.
 First of all, it should be said that this is an absolutely new car, presented relatively recently at the Paris Motor Show. It is assumed that the new product will receive a 250 hp motor. It is fair to say that these are not very impressive figures for cars of this class, however, it is known that the Russians will have the Performance package available as an option. In addition to some decorative elements, the use of the Performance Package provides for the retuning of electronics. After all the manipulations, the same engine is capable of producing 275 hp. Additional power will allow to slightly reduce the acceleration time, in this case, the acceleration time is only 6.2 seconds to the first hundred.
 The i30 in the N version is a well-balanced, fairly powerful car, but the problem is that potential buyers prefer to choose models from European and American brands. Marketers are well aware of the market situation, although they still insist that the car can be in demand. The point here is what, in difficult economic conditions, the cost of cars is growing, it negatively affects demand. In such conditions, many companies are reducing the model range. As a rule, specific models are the first to fall under the reduction. Cars of this class are quite expensive, and their sale does not bring much profit.
 That is, in the next few years, only a few sports models may remain on the Russian market. If this happens, then, but not too fast Hyundai can take the position of a market leader. However, theoretically, the situation on the market may receive a different development, it is quite possible that the economy is adapting to new conditions, and demand is stabilizing, what the Korean concern will do in such conditions is unknown. Перерыв на рекламу! Официальный рекламодатель данной публикации онлайн видео портал xxxrusporno .