How Lebanon Became the Gambling Center of the Middle East

Lebanon is a small country located in West Asia on the Mediterranean coast that draws on a huge number of tourists from diverse countries of the world due to its ancient history, picturesque nature and clean sea air. In Lebanon, you can go skiing and then, going down to the valley, sunbathe and swim in the sea. No matter what your tastes and preferences are, you will definitely find some exciting places to visit in this amazing country.

If you are a fan of gambling activities, you might be interested in casinos located in Lebanon. Below, you will find detailed information regarding the history of gambling in Lebanon.
In 1932, the local government began the process of regulating the Lebanese gambling market for the first time. The country’s gambling market of those years was represented by the only activity – horse racing. The Hippodrome located in Beitrut, the capital of the country, received the right to hold all bets on horse racing. Thus, it was considered illegal to make bets on horse racing in other venues.

Afterwards, in 1959, another monopoly was authorized: Casino du Liban was allowed to conduct gambling activities within a period of twenty-five years. Since 1975, in connection with the outbreak of the Civil War, the casino worked intermittently, and in 1989, it completely closed. Only in 1996, when the war ended, it was again opened to visitors. The gambling establishment had to be rebuilt in accordance with modern requirements. Its reconstruction cost fifty million dollars.

In 1961, the law was adopted, due to which electrical as well as non-mechanical gambling machines in the country had to be launched only one way – by putting the coin into a slot. Thus, this state decree completely discouraged the utilization of slot machines and flippers in the industry. By the way, check the article “Mike Postle: Professional Way of the Famous Poker Player and Cheater” that is dedicated to the biography of this outstanding poker player.

Getting back to Casino du Liban, it should be told that over the forty-year period of its existence, Casino du Liban has become a true legend – hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have visited it. At present, it is one of the largest and most prestigious entertainment complexes in the region of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Currently, Casino du Liban is managed by the well-known English company LCI (London Club International).

Nowadays, there are a lot of interesting offers at this gambling establishment. For those who prefer traditional games, three gaming halls are open: "International", "Mediterranean", "Cercle D`Or". There everyone will find games to their taste: American roulette, blackjack, punto banco, poker, as well as electronic roulette and electronic horse racing. For VIP guests there are special game rooms, which are sophisticatedly decorated. They are especially suitable for those who need a private atmosphere of relaxation.
However, the main thing in Casino du Liban is not its amazing variety of games but that extremely comfortable ambiance that is difficult to convey.
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